Saturday, November 10, 2012


Yesterday was Teri's birthday - silly girl - how could she have been 67? She was perpetually a kid at heart. She taught me so much about humor and irony, not taking myself too seriously. How could I if she sat there staring at me soooo seriously when I was about to pee in my britches to try not to let her get the best of me - to not laugh!? Almost every time I lock my truck door with the keyless thingy, I think of her repeatedly locking, locking, beeping, beeping and dancing away to the rythym of the horn. The times - every time - she filed her nails in the truck, going with me somewhere - "Does this bother you?" Every time. No, it never did. Her "love" of cooking! Right. Our cookbook has a recipe for her peanut butter and jelly sandwich... I use it pretty often. Turns out good every time. 

So love you, dear friend. Happy Birthday in Heaven.

Hilton Head, September 2004.

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