Thursday, November 08, 2012


Yesterday morning I did hack my way through the trail to Aunt Ginny's and this morning Amy helped me finish by cutting the tough old green vines with stickers. (I don't know what they're called.) She carried Barney after we got to Aunt Ginny's and he wasn't too happy because he'd Tarzanned his way through the trees with us. Oscar had a field day and I brushed him later, hoping there are no ticks. Amy got one off her jacket. Amy said when she was a little girl it seemed a long way through the woods. Actually, you can almost see one house from the other. After all the leaves fall, probably can.

Climb this tree...

No, this one...

  Barney is crouched down just to the left of the foremost tree on the right. Perfect camoflage.

Aunt Ginny's yard.

Our mailbox - tiny black speck just to upper right of Amy.

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