Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Slight rain last night or this morning. 
Barney and I do some photography. 
A second wave of fall colors...

After yesterday's migraine and a trip to the opthalmologist, who found also abrasion across the affected eye, I'm so glad for the clarity of the colors. Thinking I'll go see if I can see which way the old path meanders through the woods to Aunt Ginny's house. Amy and her cousins used to go through that way, a shortcut to Ginny's. One footbridge is still there, tilting. The "creek" isn't too deep though, but I'm not sure-footed and will take a walking stick.

Paul and I have voted. Thankful for the freedom to do so. Thinking as we drove home - this huge country of ours... All across America we have the privilege of voting - small places, large places. Never take it for granted. Have a good day, kiddos, on the early buses - try to be thankful for the privilege of education, too! 

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