Sunday, October 21, 2012


Monday is Paul's birthday, but Happy Birthday a weekend early! Amy was here till 11:00 Sunday morning, and she and I got Paul's birthday surprise Saturday - A Mississippi State ironwork ornament. He and I met old friends Frank and Martha at Catfish in the Barn (about half way between our homes) and she had this all fixed when he pulled into the driveway. He seemed pleased. I had gotten him a card that played "Who Let the Dogs Out" and the batter had run down just a little, so the "Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof" was a little slow - funny, though. But MS State won Saturday night! Go Dawgs! 

Amy seems to love coming home more and more, and we miss her when she has to go back to Memphis.

We set another date with Frank and Martha, Tupelo next time - it's also about half-way for each of us - in three weeks. Hopefully, Charlotte, Bren and Jim will get to go this time.

We went to Sunday School and church this morning and after we got home, I went back to town and got me and Paul dinner at Sonic. Very soon after we both had to have naps and I know I slept about two hours. Must catch up over "late night" events. 

Tomorrow we are attending the funeral of former school Superintendent (Tish County) Dr. Jerry Stone. Dr. Stone was also school superintendent in Hazen, AR, after his retirement from the MS system. He and his wife Jeannine were members of Iuka Baptist and the car club that Paul and I are, and men of the car club will be honorary pallbearers tomorrow. We enjoyed visiting with them at a couple of meetings and then he had surgery, which was not supposed to be nor was it complicated but then so many things just went wrong. He'd been in the hospital and just had been moved to Sanctuary Hospice House in Tupelo last week. 

We have doctors' appointments next week: the old joke is "more truth than poetry" as Mr. C used to say. We look at our calendars either on the fridge or our phones to see who has an appointment that week. Tuesday I go to Memphis; Wednesday he goes to Tupelo. There will be early bedtimes and naps, I'm sure. Not sure I'll go to Bible study Tuesday night as my appointment is at noon. I've had this heart monitor 2 weeks and 6 days and tomorrow at midnight is The Last Night. Thankfully, I have not had many wee morning hour, heart-pounding wake-ups, but enough to register on the monitor. Maybe Dr. J can tell what's going on. 

So anyway, this started out as HAPPY BIRTHDAY and ends on the same note: Thank You, Dear God, for so many years with this sweet man! Thank You for our daughter. Thank You for so many blessings, for quiet and rest and being able to relax and have time, and rest when we need to and should. 

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