Friday, October 26, 2012


The colors have lasted about two weeks. The kitten has grown. Amy has been here twice. We're going to see our niece in a play tonight. Thanksgiving plans are being made. Paul said it's going to be colder this weekend. We bought a dining table and six chairs and they will be delivered tomorrow .Most of the plants have been brought indoors and are sequestered in the "Green Room." It's soup and chili weather. Ballgames are on TV. The days get dark early and light later. Soon it will be time to save time. Oh, if only... These days are blessed and I try to remember that every day, many times a day if I'm not too distracted, and I try not to get that way. I'm thankful for every day, every hour, every red leaf and red berry and the sound of cowbells at the Mississippi State games! 

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