Saturday, October 13, 2012


This is our second fall here. The trees all around us are beautiful colors although it's been so dry. Aunt Ginny said the next rain would probably dislodge many of the leaves. I hope not, hoping the colors last awhile, as well as this wonderful weather. It's so nice sitting on the carport with the nice breeze blowing through. I moved my big potted plants away from the edges of the carport and swept it yesterday. Paul's been working on his old truck - restoring a console. He bought felt yesterday and covered the stand for the console (repurposing some of the old cabinet doors). For the "tray" he bought a loaf pan - perfect! Looks great!

Oscar and Barney like to play, and Barney can get a little too enthusiastic, especially around Oscar's face, but so far O has not been in attack mode with the little one. I'm very proud of him - he's been far more patient than I would have thought. They do chase each other on the carport some, but O still has to have his laptime or he's apt to pout.

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