Monday, September 17, 2012


Today Paul sanded with electric sander, I dusted and vacuumed the cabinets out (again), then he applied liquid sand (varnish remover), and almost got the first coat of white (Seed Pearl) on the upper cabinet boxes. When he painted the kitchen cabinets in Wynne , there were doors - at least this time he won't have doors. They'll all be new. The bottom cabinets will be new. All the doors around and over the sink and window will have antique seeded glass in them. I plan to put my good china above the sink. They'll show some, mostly shadowy outlines I'm thinking. I didn't want clear glass - one, I didn't want to clean them that often, and two, I couldn't keep the insides straight very long! There are new doors for the utility room and both bathrooms. Those boxes won't be as much to paint, though.  Oscar couldn't figure out the plastic wall. He did finally walk under it.  

When we get the kitchen back in "cooking" order, I have to admit I am ready to cook. I want a pan of white beans, meat loaf, mashed potatoes and cornbread! Tonight he had a cheeseburger and I, a chili cheese dog from Sonic. Very healthy.

These beauties were hiding under the leaves of the angel wing begonia. I turned the pot so it would catch rain on that side and there were the clusters of flowers. They hang like grapes.

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