Sunday, September 23, 2012


My friend Charlotte and I went to Iuka's quilt show yesterday held at our church. I'd been looking forward to it for some time. There was a trunk show Friday and Saturday by Dorinda Evans of Madison, MS. She had lived in New Orleans and Katrina displaced her to Mississippi. But she found a network of quilting friends and told the neatest stories behind the quilts she brought to show. She has made over 400! I can't even imagine. (She said God had blessed her with an abundance of energy....... I will not envy, I will not envy...) 

I met an old schoolmate I had not seen since we graduated. Sandra was in our class for one year, explained that she'd had to go another year for some reason and graduated in '66 instead of '65. She asked my maiden name and when I told her she said she had gone to school with me. When the story unfolded, I told her I could see someone "in there" I remembered. And then I could see her as she was in 1966. And she the sister of one of my friends from church whom I've bought tomatoes from. (I keep saying Iuka is such a small place - everyone overlaps in some way...) She had lived in Billings, Montana, for all these years and her husband really wanted to move back here, so they did - three years ago. He or she or both of them do framing. I didn't have the heart to tell her I didn't have an inch of space left to hang anything. But then who knows. (I asked her if Montana was as pretty and "big sky" as movies always show. She said it is.)

Paul went to the MS State ballgame last night and got home about midnight. I watched two movies while waiting (50 First Dates and 1000 Words), cried through both of them, and for the first time in many nights had a good night's sleep. So good that I didn't wake up for Sunday School. I haven't had to set an alarm clock, but then I don't usually stay up till twelve. (MS State won over University of S. Alabama 30-10) (So sorry Arkansas has started their season so sadly - they've lost all three so far... I know at least one young man who is probably despondent over this.)

I made these pictures with my phone, from a distance, the reason they're so blurry. I didn't think of my camera till I was almost to the highway.

Dorinda's first quilt...

And a few of the 400+ she has made since... (Except the ones with me and Charlotte beside them.)

I sorta blended in...

I learned today from Aunt Ginny that the land clearing up by the highway is for a communications tower (I'm thinking ATT, but haven't heard that definitely.) It looks so strange to see the first house from the road now, instead of rounding the curve past the knoll of trees. (Dozens of them mimosas which were so pretty in the summer).  We still have 10 months left on our satellite internet contract, but it's been doing well lately. But it's something to think about next year - I'm pretty sure it'll be less expensive and probably faster. But that's another "project" for another day. 

Today I got a lot put back into the cabinets, trying to arrange the old glassware and dishes along with the everyday things that will be behind the glass doors. Although it's antique seeded glass, we'll still be able to see at least colors through them. I'm trying to weed out unnecessary and duplicate things. Should I keep birthday candles that cost 28c a box? Maybe...

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