Saturday, September 15, 2012


Red Hat met this week, as well as WMU and 20th Century Club. I only have pictures of the Red Hatters, not that the others weren't important. 

We played the Left-Right game we used to play (and maybe the girls still do) in Sunday School class. This is the second event I've introduced it to here and the girls all like it.

Red Hat met 9/11 and the theme was patriotic with table decorations being red, white and blue. I have looked for a small red "fascinator" or a feather or something, but the red hat I have makes my heat itch. Some of the girls go all out with their clothes, jewelry, purses. I don't think I had one red thing on this time.

We are also into remodeling the kitchen - the builders called last week - the paint sample was there. We took it to Lowe's and matched what we had to paint - the boxes. Paul has been painting the insides of the boxes - looks so much brighter, cleaner. (I washed and vacced out what I didn't get to last year - mainly the top small shelves. And moved. Again. All the cabinets are full. But I've sorted through taking out and will sort out putting back in... There surely is some way to manage space besides filling it to the brim. If I had a better memory of what I have, or planned better... But I bet most women do the same thing... And some things I still have of Mama Nick's - four or five boxes of birthday candles, a ton of cupcake liner/papers, and light bulbs... Should never have to buy another one... (But never say never.)

The weather has cooled, leaves are falling, some just from sheer heat. Hummingbirds are getting ready for their annual migration. I keep ours filled and I saw one this morning. Last week at Bible study, at Elsie's, where we meet, she has at least half a dozen feeders and probably 50-60 birds constantly feeding. I don't think I've ever been so near the birds before.

Aunt Ginny has had another bout with her knee and we made a trip to Memphis to the ortho doctor Wednesday. He gave her the same prescription she had earlier this year. Monday she could not bend her knee and finally had to call the ambulance (David did) to get to the emergency room. She got a steroid injection and by Tuesday was much better. When she called Wednesday I thought she'd gotten worse again, but I know she wanted to just be reassured nothing was crushed or broken, especially since her diagnosis of osteoporosis.

I'm sure the kitchen project will be finished before I go to Sher's end of October. I plan to stay three weeks this time, with NO sewing projects! I can catch up on cat naps and reading. I think we've been busy enough this summer. 


Old doors off:

I so hope this is the last time we move stuff. But this is a tidy little stack compared to the first kitchen move-in. (But this isn't all that was in the cabinets, either!)

New hinges on the new doors, all the old hinge screw holes had to be spackled. All the insides of the cabinets are painted. The woodwork will be painted the same in an oil-base. I'll probably have to leave home when that happens. Necessities on the countertop: peanut butter, crackers, coffee, filters. The egg carton is for brother Mike for a refill.


And I pre-ordered an iPhone 5 yesterday. Sher and I thought about the 4s. We decided to just go for it. (Mama, we have to have the same!)

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