Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I trusted Oscar too much this morning - he was waiting for me to come back around to the back door. I was watering mums on the front porch and in a minute I heard his tags jingling and thought, he's decided to come to the front. He did, and kept going to the front - another one of those nerve-wracking half-minutes that seems like thirty - calling, "Treat! Treat! Treat! Chewy! Chewy!" and he wags his little rear end almost to the road, down through the pines. He finally turned and headed toward the garage and stopped to pee. Then Paul was able to pick him up - I was winded by then. O almost snapped at Paul, but stopped just short. I think he knew he was in trouble. In fact, he's been pretty quiet all day. About the time I think he's going to come every time I call him, he pulls a stunt like that, just on his merry little way, ignoring me yelling at the top of my voice. So, back to the leash - Every Time.

Today was otherwise a putzy day - changed the cat litter box, did laundry, including folding and putting away, hanging up. Called DirecTV to see what my bill would be now that the "special of the quarter" or whatever was going off. Since we have our bill drafted (even though we get a paper bill...?) we qualify for a $5.00 credit for having it drafted, at least for the next 2 years. I didn't clarify that we won't get any more paper bills, but I'm thinking not. It should be about what it has been, and no changes, she assured me. ATT has a deal with them to offer internet service, but I explained we still have 10 months left with our current satellite provider.  Maybe next year.

Paul has been working on installing bucket seats in his 1972 Ford truck and has about engineered them in. I check on him occasionally. He happily spends a lot of time there and I'm glad he has his "man cave." I expect sometime this winter he'll have a TV out there.

Tomorrow I have my regular eye check up at ten in Corinth. Then I plan to go back to Lowe's and re-buy one of the rolls of liner for the kitchen drawers once they are installed. Also a trip to Belk's to look at sheets, bath sets and dishes (?) As if. (Carol, you know how we love them dishes!) But since there will be glass in the cabinets, wouldn't it be nice to have pretty dishes showing through? I love the Corelle, but there are no really pretty ones. I have mine from 40 years ago - little green flowers around the edges; and some plain white I've bought since. But it's okay. I'm glad to have those. Just depends on what strikes me. Like we needed another dish. Those white ones at upper right are my Harmony House from Sears when I married. And we have Mama Nick's china in her little china cabinet. Haven't done anything to the countertop - waiting for the new to be installed. All these areas will have doors, too. Most with the glass in them. So glad Paul painted all the inside of them.

Tommy is still sneezing. It doesn't freak me out like it did. What good does that do? I've had him to the vet so many times. It's too early for another shot. He's become very dear to me. He knows I love him.

Lucy is the rascal she always has been, though lately she has not found any cords to gnaw into. Yet.

I've been working some on a Bible study we started two weeks ago. Kay Arthur's study (through Lifeway) on The Covenants. I know I've done the abbreviated version, or it's been so long I don't recall doing all the marking and color-coding. This week has been better; maybe I'm more able to think linearly about what I'm doing and what I'm reading. It is somewhat confusing starting out. 

Reading: The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection by Alexander McCall-Smith, the 13th one in this series. I've enjoyed every one of them. Also biographies on my night stand both by Walter Isaacson: Steve Jobs and Benjamin Franklin. Good luck to me.

Red dogwood berries outside the kitchen window. Clothes sprinkler for bottle.China egg. Mama's yellow snail. Mama Nick's red apple. Whole milk bottle Sher gave me.  

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