Thursday, October 04, 2012


Still can hardly believe this is our new kitchen! The builder/installers worked last Friday getting everything in. My brother Mike plumbed the kitchen sink Saturday. Everything fit - amazing how easy the mother-son team made it look, taking and writing down measurements, and everything FIT. Paul and I plan to do some kind of backsplash later, but it's the same kind of material he used behind our stove in Wynne. I'm so glad it turned out so well. I really like the antique seeded glass on the doors beside and over the sink. The arch over the window frames it well too. There are red dogwood berries in a picture perfect setting. Instead of shelves in the lower cabinets, there are drawers that pull out! Oh, joy! The only shelved cabinet is on lower right facing out - and they made the shelf narrow so large things could sit in front.


After... Not sure if we're going to paint the window trim... It sort of frames the window, and it's "original" to the house. Kind of an heirloom piece. Something to think about.

Glass in doors... I've liked this glass ever since Sher had it in her house in San Antonio.

Paul with Barney. (Paul's hair doesn't always look this way! It was early in the morning.)

We have had Barney for one week also. This little guy was in the woods beside the driveway and Amy was home and heard him crying. We've been wanting an outside cat, but he's way too small to make it outside right now. He's living in the den in a cat carrier, with times that the den door is open for the other kitties to make their way to the litter box, also to keep Barney from hiding under beds and places I can't reach. He's much more used to us. Still looks for "dinner" but is doing well on cat food. Oscar is still hyper around him; I'm not sure if they're playing or Oscar is trying to catch him. Barney has stood in Oscar's food plate with O nearby and for all the "food-guarding" O never uttered a bark or growl. I think they get along well, but not going to leave them alone unsupervised. And yes, Barney usually eats in our laps. This keeps Oscar away from his food, and we think it helps him get used to his humans. Tommy-Cat has glimpsed him a couple of times and wants nothing to do with him (thankfully). I don't think Lucy has seen him, but she certainly knows something has changed. 

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