Thursday, July 05, 2012


Yesterday was a good Fourth. Paul and I cleaned the grill and it cleaned up pretty good. We weren't sure who of my family could come, some at last minute, but we had plenty of food. Amy came Saturday and was here four days until she got a call! Then she and Paul went to Memphis, she did her job and they came back. So she was here to see some of the family without being rushed. Paul told Steve (youngest brother) it was his turn to host a cookout - since Sher will be home August 4 (her birthday day), she wanted a birthday dinner with family on the 5th, since her son Jordan can come down from Jackson, TN. So good to be with family.

Monday evening Paul, Amy, Tommy (his youngest brother) and I went to Florence and ate at Olive Garden, then had ice cream from a little bitty place called Frostbite. Good time visiting, laughing, talking. Tommy's wife and two daughters left Monday for a tour of London, Ireland, Scotland (Edinburgh).

Tuesday evening Jess came for a visit. First time she'd been here since we moved and liked what we'd done to the house. (Jess is Paul's brother David's oldest daughter). We (mostly me) watched "A Capitol Fourth."
Amy got her hair cut Monday! She of the long hair! Could hardly believe it - but she was ready. So glad she got to stay several days. I miss her. 

This morning Aunt Ginny called me pretty early and asked me to come call the doctor in Tupelo about her Friday appointment. It isn't Friday, but Monday at 9:00 a.m. I sure hated to hear that - another three days for her to suffer with pain from the comression fracture. Her procedure is called a kythoplasty.This evening after I got home from my own doctor's appointment (routine/screening), I made her some potato soup with Velveeta and took to her along with some of yesterday's leftovers. Paul and I ate leftovers as well.

I used the Garmin to find the doctors office in Sheffield and it took me right to the spot. Fortunately, I got everything done today and don't have to go back. I really liked the doctor, and it's near - only about 40-45 minutes. When I go to Corinth (west of) I allow an hour just because of the traffic and lights. Sheffield/Tuscumbia is easily reached on the four-lane at 65 MPH, with route through Tuscumbia (Helen Keller's birthplace). Easy Button.

I watch HGTV quite a lot, sometimes just for background noise. Tonight we're looking at million dollar homes. I'm quite happy, thank you. I would just get lost in those cavernous houses, but it's fun to watch. Sher and I have a phrase we like to use, in fun: "It just won't do for me."

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