Thursday, July 12, 2012


We finally had rain and it cooled things off. In fact, it's still raining this morning, very finely. Coolly.

 For the last couple of weeks, I've been Aunt ginny's go-to person for many daily needs, and I'm glad to do it. (She had two compression fractures in her lower back and had the kythoplasty (sp?) done Monday. However, yesterday, since it had rained, Paul and I went to Town and Country Furniture here in Iuka (a huge and very nice furniture store), shopped for him a new recliner; then to Florence for stops at Hancock's, JoAnn's, lunch at Five Guys Hamburgers. I did buy a quilter's ruler, which I'm sure I'll just use all the time... But that's another story. Back in Iuka, we went back to Town/Country and bought the new tall man Lazy Boy reclliner. Its burgundy leather, which I think will wear well since he comes in after working in the yard and just plops down. I'm hoping it will clean easier than fabric. I have a decorating dilemma - I have the two small rockers in the tangerine floral, which I like and I'm thinking - not with burgundy. But maybe they'll go to the back bedroom or I'll have reupholstered - they didn't cost much to do the first time. Such minor problems.

While we were at Town/Country, I saw this pretty dining room set, and love the table and chairs. It's on my high probability list, but not right now. It can be ordered... The hutch/console is pretty, too, but I don't see a place for it right now! Amazing how this bigger-than-our-Wynne-house filled up so fast!

I found gray sheers for the den windows, but they're too dark. I think I'll try white sheers. If they don't work, then it's on to some kind of wide-slat blinds or shades. The window set in the brick wall (which I painted) will be difficult to attach blinds since the wood frame is jamb against the brick. No nails in the bricks. I'll figure it out with Lowe's help.

Last night after I went to bed, I knew I was more than just "tired." Then my arms and hands began to tingle. It's been almost a year since I've had to double up on my heart rythym meds. Lat night was one of them. Back in the spring Dr. J, cardio, cut down one of the meds to half what I'd been taking because my heart rate was getting too low. But last night, I'm sure because of fatigue, stress, it wouldn't slow down. When it does that I have some kind of chill, or shakes. I finally ended up taking my night meds, excep the blood ressure one, all over again, and finally fell asleep sometime after midnight. Just trying to take it easier today and not push.

This is sheet washing day and I did do that - they're ready for the dryer. I checked on Aunt Ginny and she's going back to bed for a while, as I might. We'll deal with laundry this afternoon or tomorrow. Just didn't want her lifting anything. Paul is in the garage working on a project: yesterday he bought a radio for his old truck - the '72 Ford. Hoping he gets it installed without any problems. It's a JVC so it should be a good one. Still no word on my desktop computer; they said it would be the first of this week, but I haven't heard from them. Glad for this laptop. I emailed my WMU minutes to Tommy and he printed them for Monday's meeting. Technology!

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