Friday, June 29, 2012


It is so hot. If you live anywhere in the USA, it's pretty much hot everywhere. This morning I went for kitty litter at Walmart before it got "hot." It was 82 at 9:30. Then we went to pick up my truck (air conditioner fan or something under the dash was flapping if not on high. Which, in this weather isn't usually on anything else, but it needed to be fixed. Better than a car payment.) On the way home, I called Aunt Ginny to see if she is going to the beauty shop today. She had already cancelled that. (Her knee is so much better - but she has strained her back and has been dealing with that with muscle relaxer and Tylenol.) I knew she went to the grocery on Friday, and I was near the turning point so I called her to see what she needed. Five items, specific brands, sale items, and I got every one right! Delivered her groceries to her and Paul and I brought ours in. Hoping Amy gets to come home for a few days. I got enough hamburger meat for possibly grilling, if we are brave enough to see if the grill works and it isn't too, uh, you know - hot.

Yesterday I had to go to the doctor myself. Wednesday I drove Aunt Ginny there and he told her he would be gone after Monday on vacation. I thought I was getting a bladder infection and although I had a few emergency antibiotics, I went ahead to see him. Yes, but it wasn't too bad. In fact, the meds made me feel worse than the problem - I didn't sleep well last night. This morning I only took half the antibiotic. That's it for me. Half whatever I'm prescribed. And no more iced tea for a while. That seems to trigger the problem. Plus... uh, you know, age.

Paul had insulation blown in the shop side of his garage around noon. He had been here, done it, and was leaving within probably 45 minutes: the time I stopped, shopped and dropped.

Last night I caught up reading Tara's blog. How'd I get so behind! Oh, my, I've missed too much! For instance! That Neall and Becca are expecting December 31! Such good pictures of Emmy, Sol and Rose.

Emmy and her Froggy rainboots, eating a strawberry.

Emmy and Lucas - Tara's best friend Tara (and husband Jorge's) son.


Emmy and her cousin Rose. They could certainly be sisters. Love the blond curls. Emmy gave herself a haircut and it's in a big-girl style now.


Emmy and cousins Rose and Sol.


Sol as, rather is, Spiderman. Nice toe holds. His dad used to do this. Quite a feat for a little guy. Quite some feet, too.

I have sewing I'd like to do, but I think it's just too hot. I think a nap is in order. Thanks, Tara, for letting me borrow your pictures!

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