Sunday, June 17, 2012


Last Saturday Paul and I went to Selmer, TN, for an antique car show. He drove the Camaro, but all the cars in the show were 1987 and older. We walked around about an hour looking at the old cars and tractors. One gentleman there with his car reminded me of Mr. Buck, Beck's dad. Afterward, we went to Morgan and Steven's house; Tyler was asleep so we didn't get to see him. They're so happy to finally be in a house - it was Steven's dad's, who has built (with Steven's help) a new home. Mike and Marsha came by later so he could help Paul unload a new tool box he'd bought Friday night. It took four of us to figure out how to get the bottom drawers out to have room to screw on the casters! Quite a sight! At least two of us can't see close up.

Tuesday the Red Hatters went to Muscle Shoals to the Victorian Tea Room for lunch. I drove my truck (there were three cars in our caravan) and four more ladies came later. My riders were Nelda and Judy. Turns out Nelda knows Bren and her family well, and Nelda was so interesting to talk to (we talked more as she was in the front); on the way back Judy had a nice nap! Nelda is from Tishomingo and Judy from Golden. The Tea Room has a wedding chapel and caters receptions and birthdays also.

Wednesday I went to Bren's and she had cooked lunch, which, I learned, was not "regular normal," but she had done extra for me! Peas, squash and green tomatoes fried together, cooked cabbage, cornbread, cantaloup, homemade ice cream, peach cobbler. A veritable feast, as Father Tim would say. Then I looked at her beautiful bedroom and living room curtains she'd made and the full and beautiful matching king size bed ruffle. She had gotten the fabric in Burnsville where I had bought the very same fabric a couple of years ago! When we moved, I took my roll to the workshop, I think. It's pretty and I'd use it somewhere if I could - she said I was welcome to what she had left. Hmmm, maybe that old armchair of ours in the living room.

(Speaking of chairs, Paul's recliner has got to go or be re-upholstered. I'm thinking gray leather, or possibly a dark aqua. Probably gray. And then there's our bedroom chair... Another project.)

Thursday was book club day and as always a very interesting discussion about For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway. I always learn something and although I lack about 50 pages finishing the book, I re-checked it and will read the rest.

Yesterday I had an appointment for an eye check-up. Pressure was fine. He dilated my right eye as I had occasionally been seeing circles or aftershadows, but all was well - no retina problems. He said probably some inflammation - which leads to a whole other realm of questions, but as related to fibromyalgia, possibly, possibly not, and I don't even know if that's what I have. But I stay sensitive to so many things, with aches here and there... I just take an Aleve as needed and go on.

Between "events" I painted. And painted. And napped when I ran out of energy. I'm on the second coat of primer on the fireplace and it's going on much faster and smoother. Hopefully by mid-week next week I'll be finished.

Paul's garage is wired, has lights inside and out (I highly recommended a flood light on the back of it and he's got to where he takes my suggestions pretty well! ha), plenty of electrical outlets; the gas line run for the heater, and yesterday bought a window air conditioner.

I have the name of a good cabinet maker - Sher and I plan to plan the kitchen re-do; I know the lead time will have to be scheduled. I should go ahead and contact him and get an estimate. I told Paul I wanted granite countertops... Yes. Bottom cabinets to be rebuilt, top cabinet boxes to match (probably by paint color) and new doors; countertop, farm sink, touch-on faucet, replace the fluorescent light over the sink, maybe backspash all around; utility room cabinets and bathroom cabinets to match the kitchen - paint and new doors. A big job. Another messy job. But I can hardly wait.

Aunt Ginny's knee is better some days than others. She is driving to hair appointments and grocery store, but taking it easy some days, too. I know this really dampens her spirits as she has never really been sick. She's never had surgery other than tonsillectomy when she was a child! And she'll be 91 in August.

This afternoon we're all gatherint at Mike's for Father's Day cookout. I plan to make baked beans and take a dessert (yes, it's already prepared - a Corky's pecan pie), cantaloup and chips. We'll miss little Kiley, who is in Texas with grandmothers. But Amy plans to be here. She called early this morning and said she got a call from Forrest City FH for a job. It hasn't failed yet that when she comes or plans to, she gets a call. But it's good pay and she appreciates it, and she'll be here when she can.

This Weekend

Amy came home after a trip to Forrest City. What'd I say?  She gets a call when she comes home! Paul and I had already gone to my brother's house (Mike) and most of the family was there - Amy came there - and we had hamburgers and hot dogs. (I made the baked beans, took Corky's pie.) She played cars with Tyler on the living room floor - they had such a good time. Erica and Andy miss Kiley - two weeks till they go back to Fort Worth and Kiley comes back home with them. After we got home, Amy got another call from Forrest City and she and Paul were about to strike out and she would come back here for Sunday. Turns out the family made other arrangements, so she stayed and we were up till almost midnight all piled on our bed (with pets) talking like a pj party. We had breakfast at Jack's this morning, napped and then went to Corinth for dinner at Ruby Tuesday's.

I painted some yesterday - some - till my muscles, back, legs, arms were ready to spring load outward. I did finish priming - the second coat (fireplace). I have painted with the actual paint, about a two-foot square area. It'll look so good and be worth it, but I told Paul he would need to help me finish. It has about got me whipped - and I hate to give up! I wanted to say "I did it." And I did do it, but not as much as I wanted to.This is going on three weeks. (Brother Steve painted a fireplace once - two-story - and said it took about a hundred gallons of paint! I can believe it!) I think I'll try the actual paint with a roller and go back and fill in the mortar where I can reach just waist level. Paul will have to reach high and low. My back just won't take it any more. It gets me all out of whack. Hopefully we'll finish this week - he said he would help me. I suppose he was trying to let me finish "my project;" I so wanted to.

Was so good having Amy home for Father's Day. Just good to be all together. I know she wishes she lives nearer - we do, but she's off a couple of days this week and said she wanted to come back. Oscar is always glad to see her, even though he growls and wags at the same time.

I finished my June book club book and so glad I did finish, after the fact. If you haven't read For Whom the Bell Tolls, I recommend it. Do background/historical research. I learned a lot at the discussion. I guess I said that already. But after the fact, I got the ending more in perspective.

I will put some more pictures up soon. I just can't get up and get the camera right now and get the card out. If I got up, I would go straight to bed.

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