Monday, June 18, 2012


Saturday I got pictures of Tyler playing cars with Amy in the floor. He's such a cutie and so good natured. When he crawls, he doesn't use both knees, but one knee and one foot... He'll be a year old July 12. Hard to believe.

Here I come!

His great-aunt Darlene, Marsha's sister.

Steven, his dad.

Almost done with Famous Fireplace. I put two coats of paint on the fireplace today with a roller. It was fast and smooth after once getting the primer coats on. Paul painted the mortar between bricks tonight. I think one coat is all that's getting. Touch-ups to follow. Now all I have to do is the "hearth" or floor upon which sits the gas insert in its cabinet. What. A. Job. I saw a commercial on TV tonight for Lowe's or Home Depot and the lady painted a coat of paint with a roller straight down a wall of bricks - and the mortar was painted at the same time! I think not. Maybe my eyes were mistaken...

Quilt class was cancelled again this week. Can't say I was too disappointed. I haven't done one other thing except cut out the four pieces of the first Sunbonnet Sue. Why must I justify what I really love to do and want to do with what I have to do (or think I have to)? I've been that way as long as I can remember. Work first, then play. But work never gets over. There's always a load of laundry to wash or put away. Floors to be vacuumed, cat to be medicated, dog to be taken out, supper to be cooked, shower to take, bed to make.

Needless to way, I am whupped. Friend Brenda put up three cookers of green beans and a churn of kraut - we are busy little girls. Ready for a rainy day, but doesn't look good for this week. I'll be glad when Sher comes - we have decided we don't have to do one thing. After I varnish the window sills...

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