Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I walked behind the house today since it was somewhat cooler and there was a breeze.


Earlier today I went to Young at Heart at church. Our sister-in-law's brother presented a puppet show, which was very cute and also was a witnessing tool. Linden is a coach at the middle school and is going to move up to junior or high school this fall.  He's a very quiet, unassuming man and I was surprised how talented he was with this medium. Nancy (a distant cousin probably once or twice removed) and I signed up to be hostesses in March. We're responsible for table decorations and setting up the tables where the food is placed. Another lady is also signed on March. It's fun and I enjoy being with the "older" people - though now I'm one of the "older," just one of the young old.

Made another cushion cover - they don't take long if there's no pattern to place or match. This one had small circles.  I also napped today. I nap better in the recliner. I have to either set an alarm or just stop napping. Sometimes I just feel dazed, drugged or dopey and that's a bad feeling from a nap. When I was working I longed to be able to nap; now when I do, it is sometimes as bad as not napping!

So now it's nearly 10:00 and I'm just as sleepy as if I had not slept today.

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