Wednesday, June 20, 2012


When I woke up this morning and unfolded myself out of bed, I told myself, "Self, you are going to rest today." But then I made it to the kitchen and thought, oh, I'll just get this little bit of taping off the wall so we can move the TV back. Well, I just couldn't leave it alone. Nor could I leave alone getting it all fixed back, books back in shelves, everything dusted and vacuumed. But voila! Here is the result of all that hard work!

The gold-framed mirror over the mantel was a gift from Aunt Ginny to her father, Daddy Lee (Paul's grandfather). We are the keepers of it, as it was here when we moved. I think it had   been his father's or mother's and AG had the frame refinished for Daddy Lee. The two tall pictures on either side of the heater cabinet are grave stone rubbings Sher did for me probably thirty years ago when she was in England.  They've been back and forth to England three times - when she brought them to me, when I sent them back to her to have them heat-sealed, and when she brought them back again. I didn't have them framed for years but glad I finally did. They are Lord and Lady Bellingham and these are the actual sizes of the carvings on their tombs. The roosters are from Pray Pottery in Iuka. (One is supposed to be Sher's, but we may have to get her another one. I like how the little one seems to be trying to crow as loud as the big one.) "41," the story of George H. W. Bush was on TV when I made this. I had seen part of it one night and so just watched the parts I'd missed before. White pitcher picture in white frame is one Mama painted. The two tangerine chairs were Mother Ruth's, then Mama Nick's. One came to us years ago and Amy had it for awhile; and one had stayed in this house. When we moved here I had them both reupholstered. The rug is "distressed" and came from Home Decorators. Has little areas of blue-green, aqua-ish color in it. The two blue-green stemmed bowls on the mantel were among things that had been stored away here. All the gray bricks you see here have been painted four times (two primer coats, two paint), wall-to-wall. Paul painted some, but for the most part I did it. And I have paid for it but I'll surely recover.

This evening I took Aunt  Ginny a piece of cake I got for her last night at the Antique Car Club meeting at Homestead. They had one piece left and I got it for her. Also took her a couple of squash (Brenda's) and a cucumber (Mike's). She sent home with me some fruit Jell-o. After the meeting, Paul and I went to Mike's for squash and cukes. I didn't cook them tonight, but probably will tomorrow. After I've rested. Some.

This afternoon I did hit a wall, and lay down and finished watching "The Fugitive," (Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones), before I took a nap. 1993 - Paul and I saw it then. I didn't remember how it turned out, but.... oh, I won't give it away. It's a good movie. (Remember the TV series in the '60's?) This morning "Seabiscuit" was on and I recorded it, thinking I'll see if Aunt Ginny wants to watch it. I've got to show her "War Horse" first! It's way overdue. Her knee is better. She had to stop taking the Mobic, though. Our local MD gave her a steroid pack. I told her to not overdo it, she would probably feel so much better! She has given in though and said she'll have her yard mower to also trim her shrubs, which she had been doing herself! Those Broughtons sure are strong folks! Paul's mother mowed (riding mower) at 82! 

Tommy is still sneezing. Not as often, but just about as bad - several times in a row. What to do??? I had to put their litter box up on a stool because O had started getting into it - and not to use it. I knew there was a lot of littler all over the floor - the cats just don't do that. But Tommers and Luce have found it okay... So far O hasn't tried to raid it. Wonder what started that? He hasn't been doing that.

Something is wrong with the sound on my computer. I thought it was the speakers, so bought new ones. They don't work either, so I have no clue what's wrong. To the shop we go tomorrow. I also have two books at the library. (We need rain really bad: So I can read, sleep and putz without thinking of anything to do outdoors, except take O out; and so everything can get watered. It's hard to water about one-fourth of our two  acres; not like a city lot!) May stop and see Charlotte while I'm in town.

Bren's husband Jim had outpatient surgery today - bursa in his elbow. His elbow had a knot on it big as an egg. She called this evening and said he was in recovery. Surely they're home by now.

My brother Steve is coming to help Paul with the ceiling in the garage tomorrow. It's a two-man job. I'm so thankful Mike and Steve are so handy - they're sweet brothers, too. Mama would be proud of them. She loved her kids more than anything. I'll be glad to see Sher in August when she comes. I feel like the matron now, especially being the oldest and bossy anyway! (I am better about that than when we were all kids!)

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