Wednesday, June 06, 2012


This morning I started painting (primer) the fireplace bricks. Over time they had become very dingey from, at one time, wood smoke - Paul's mom and dad had a wood heater in the den. I'm sure that's part if not most of it. Anyway, the best solution I knew of was to paint. I may not think so by the time it's over. I hurt all over. My right arm hurts, wrist, shoulder (the one that was frozen one time), and from my hips down. Paul helped me today. It may have to have to primer coats. Or not. It will look better. The bricks just soak up the paint and of course every little hole and crevice needs to be filled with paint or it will look dotty all over. I'm sure by the time we're finished it will be completely covered or we won't care! The paint color will be pale gray. Beck texted me and asked if I'd lost my mind. I may think so before it's over. It needed something, though.

Tonight coming home from town (we ate at Subway - BLT - and went to Walmart for Little Hugs for VBS at church), we saw two deer as we drove through the Lane (one of the short county roads by the house). One was still long enough for a long distance picture. You can tell how far away we were by the enlargement. I sat on the carport a while till the lightning bugs started. I haven't heard whippoorwills tonight for some reason.

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