Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Lucy and Tommy, basking in the sun. When they're asleep, they're not doing anything. Which is good. Lucy loves the Ott light. Whether it's the brightness (she thinks she's sleeping in the sun) or the warmth (it doesn't get that warm), only she knows. But I've discovered it makes a great photo light. Every time I start doing anything in here that involves clicking, cutting, sewing, typing, she has to check it out. One day she checked out the iron and that didn't take but a split second. I could have shooed her away a million times, but it only took one tiny touch for her to know she wants nothing to do with it again.

I don't think anyone can nap like these two...

Let me try my paw at this.

What seems to be the problem here?

If I just tweak this little lever I'm sure it will sew better.

But of course I fixed it!

I got the second pillowcase made today.

Unless it's these two...

I got started on painting the fireplace bricks today. Paul and I moved as much of the heater cabinet as we could - the top lifts off, then the sides and front panel lift off together, leaving the base and the heater insert. I vacuumed them off as well as I could, then taped everything off all around the bricks. I have primer, which the Lowe's paint person said would have to be done first. It was left from the kitchen last year when Sher was here and painted that. The actual paint is a very light gray, which will lighten the room more, along with the flooring. I was being so very careful about getting on and off the step stool to reach the high places and lo and behold, raised up under the mantel. I have a knot on my noggin, too. Man, that hurt! So a primer coat and at least two paint coats. I'm thinking a lot of it will have to be painted with a brush because of the mortar recesses between the bricks. Well, just one step at a time.

Paul got another stack of shelves built for the storage side of the garage and it's looking great - organized and straightened up. He ordered three more sheets of metal for the back of the garage. Somehow he miscalculated and was three panels short. I suppose next spring will be a good time to plant azaleas under the garage window. We had them along the side of the one in Wynne.

Mike and Marsha came Saturday and got our dining table and chairs for Morgan. I had told her probably two years ago she could have it because at the time we had it stored in the garage. I'd bought the tall table and chairs for the kitchen in Wynne, which fit better in the small area. But I still wanted her to have it because I'd like to have another table/chairs for the kitchen/den - I don't know what yet. Sher says we have more chairs and cushions... that Paul better be careful - he'll find himself covered one of these days. I'm thinking I'll make a couple of covers for some old cushions for the den. Something in blue or turquoise to bring out the blue in the area rug. I just like doing it. Playing house.

I took some cookies to Aunt Ginny this evening. She was watching her Atlanta Braves game - she knows all the players and probably all the stats for each one! She and some of her church lady friends keep up with the Braves and critique the games just about every day. Her knee is some better - it's not swelled like it was. I think the medicine is helping. It's generic Mobic.

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