Thursday, May 31, 2012


I used to really not like pink. There are still certain shades of pink that are weird and not normal. But these... Now these are just like  sweet, pale strawberry ice cream... Amy has some quilts pieced with various shades of pinks and coordinating colors. I've always liked those quilts and they are on her bed here. So the other day when Theresa at the fabric shop helped me coordinate Sunbonnet Sue pieced wallhanging fabrics, they could not have been more well-matched if I had taken that heavy quilt with me to the store. Somehow my "mind's eye" got it! I wanted something vintage looking using some shade of the primary colors. There are three "Sues" in the panel, each doing a gardening activity. One of the ladies at the quilting meeting last week said she thought she could do the applique more easily than oh, a nine-patch, and that's all I know about that. (To me, this seems way more complicated, but I was just overwhelmed and that's where Theresa helped me out with the shades and print size. So I wanted all the dresses, bonnets and aprons to coordinate. This may be my purpose: just to write about what I want to do. What would that be called besides wishful thinking? Getting easily distracted: monkey mind. Theresa was so kind, patient and attentive and I got in so much trouble (you know what I mean) that I will feel really bad if I don't make this thing. I mean... I used to make lots of things. I used to buy 40 or 50 skeins of embroidery floss and cross-stitch intricate patterns with varying shades of many of the same colors. I used to make clothes - mine and Amy's (till she got to the blue jean stage). I have made jackets for Paul. I've made "cabbage patch-like" dolls, stuffed rabbits and their sweet little clothes. Oh, right. That was when I was younger, had more energy and less time to do those things.

These are the pretties. Don't hold your breath. But just wanted to share the colors and how wonderfully they coordinate.  Theresa was even so kind as to label each piece and what it was for: bonnet, dress, apron, and rubber-banded each outfit together. I think most or all of these are Moda fabrics, which just feel wonderful and are 100% cotton but have a silky feel to them. I won't be pre-washing these. If it has to ever be cleaned, I'll just take it to the cleaners or wash it whole - then it'll pucker like the heirloom I hope it becomes. If I put it all out there - my expectations - then I have to do it.

Now pillowcases... Yes, I could do that. I do have to pick up cleaning in Corinth, and the fabric store is just on the way.  Pillowcases would be wonderful with the quilts.

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