Friday, May 04, 2012


Editing with Picasa is easier for me than with Photoshop .

Rose beside the driveway near the road.

Caladium is white, but I removed all the color.

Starting with red clockwise - salvia, ornamental pepper, zinnia (not up yet), one of the purple vines (?), Persian Shield, plain old sweet potato (from a sprout I cut off one), gardenia from Aunt Ginny.

Same as above. Don't remember what all I did but like the effect.

Iron trellis with confederate jasmine. Quote from Robert Frost.

Little birds belonged to Mama, shamrocks from Charlotte. (Overheard yesterday at Home Depot, man to someone on phone, "Shamrock. S-h-a-m-r-o-c-k. Purple. Really pretty." I suppose the listener didn't know what they were; he didn't get a pot of them. He seemed to be shopping for someone. They were the most full, deep purple I've ever seen, probably at least a gallon container, maybe larger. I almost got one myself. Below is my starter kit.)

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