Monday, April 30, 2012


About two years ago I bought some wrought iron garden trellises near Iuka and took them home to our Wynne yard where I had a climbing rose training up one, and a bougainvillea on the other. They've been stored on the carport since we moved. Paul's been cleaning out the makeshift storage room and I found the trellises. Playing Garden around the back yard, putting them here and there. I need something to climb on them that requires little sun. Yahoo Answers suggests climbing roses, clematis, Boston and English iveies, Virginia creeper, climbing hydrangea, bittersweet (what is that?), passionflower (remembered from childhood), wiseria, trumpet vine and black-eyed Susan vines. So much to choose from! Of course I could let the poison ivy climb - we have plenty of that. (I'm scared to death of it.)

When putting the trellises in the trees, granddaddy longlegs appeared on an old bird house. He was a bit camera shy and didn't appreciate the papparazzi following him around.

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