Sunday, May 06, 2012


Saturday Paul and I drove to Tuscumbia, west of Corinth, to his family's (Nicholses) old home place and church. He and his family lived here until he was about nine, when they moved to Iuka, near Mama Nick's family. We visited the cemetery where his dad is buried; Mama Nick's information has been engraved on the marker now. There were quite a few old houses and barns and one or two Paul remembered who had lived in them. I didn't remember that their children's names are on there as well. Something I'd like to have done on Mama's.

I told Paul maybe he should have gotten a red roof for his garage. All the old houses and barns had metal roofs which aged (rusted) and the boards weathered to a pretty gray.

There was some detail work on the gables of this one. I'd love to see inside; someone still lives here. (I didn't edit the antenna out of this one! Well, modern times... I didn't see a satellite dish.)

Love the stones of this fireplace. Tarpaper brick siding...

Paul's Aunt Ruby's home near the church. She has passed away - all his dad's siblings have - but someone lives here - there is a small well attended garden at the back. Ruby's name is still on the mailbox.

Beautiful pink climbing roses. There are some like this at the end of our driveway. This house was at the top of a small incline, a fence across the entrance.

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