Monday, May 28, 2012


I've had two migraines (auras) in the last two days, yet here I sit looking at this bright screen. I think they were mostly caused by heat, travel and heat. But here are a few recent pictures. We had a wonderfully quiet Memorial Day, watering plants. I cooked pinto beans and cornbread; Mike came over and ate lunch with us. Marsha had to work. Last night Paul and I went to David and Sandra's for a cookout. Jess and Jenni were there and many of Sandra's family. Aunt Ginny has been suffering with a bad knee for some time and Jess took her a hamburber and stayed a while. I did have a nap today. Those are the most luxurious things - a nap in the afternoon...

Every day is a blessing (even injections for bursitis - again - which I had to go to Memphis for last week); I have a great husband who drove me. The shot was relatively painless, and the relief thereof was huge! I just can't keep up with pictures, it seems. I know I have some of me, Paul, Frank (an old friend), the 20th Century Club social, and our Sunday School class trip Saturday to Memphis to Bonefish to eat, and of course, to shop. I'm just glad I can remember I do have them. They're just on another camera or on my phone. Meanwhile, here's what's happening in our Two Acre Woods.

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