Friday, May 18, 2012


Tull Brothers of Corinth installed the garage doors this week. Today, Paul (mostly) and I moved the three remaining big items from the carport to the garage. We would have been a sight to behold rolling/pushing them across the back yard!

I got Lucy a new toy and she has a "ball" with it!

Whenever some new and tender plant comes up I can almost be assured it will be eaten off to the ground by the next day. My canna was Rabbit's green salad one night; another time it was a hosta. Since I haven't seen deer in the yard per se (they do come around in the low garden) and I have seen the rabbit in the yard, I'm saying it's Rabbit. I watched Rabbit from the back door for a long time and he kept a steady bead on me with his big eye. I'm sure the other eye was watching his get-away trail through the woods. When he started nibbling on my shamrock, I shooed him away. The shamrock was still there this morning, but that's no promise of it growing and spreading. I'm sure the creatures have had a ball looking at and snacking on the new plants. Theyreally haven't eaten many of them, I'm glad to say, but I do have to keep an eye on them. But what good is that? I can't watch them 24 hours a day! Maybe some are not as tasty as others. One nuisance creature I haven't seen but plenty of evidence of his being around is Mole. We have many tunnels. This morning all the ground right up next to the carport at the back was hilled up as if he was trying his best to get from the back to front yard but all he ran into was a concrete pad!

Oscar likes the rocker on the carport. We very rarely do "free-range" any more since the snake episode. Also, one day Rabbit was beside the carport, O and I were just going outside and Rabbit took off about the time the door opened. If I hadn't had him on a leash, O would still be chasing Rabbit. Oscar was sunning a little today and I was watering down in the shady part of the yard, and he went to potty, but immediately I made him go back to the house and inside. That may be part of the reason he doesn't like to go out any more - or he's just letting me know, "I DO NOT have to go now! Stop pulling on me!"

A volunteer organization I was asked to be part of had a little party yesterday and I, being the newest member, was the "social director" - the one to come up with the idea for the theme and the entertainment. The theme was oldies/'50's. But that's another story for another day.

(We are hoping for more grass...)

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Tull Brothers did a great job installing those garage doors. They look crisp and clean. I enjoyed reading about your other topics as well!