Thursday, April 26, 2012


Quick update...  between nursing sick cats (colds), fleas, ticks, new flooring, garage work, a doctor's appointment, Paul's minor surgery, and just everyday life, there has been little time to post anything.

The cats are well (maybe not Tommy - he keeps sneezing and cats are notoriously known for not using Kleenex), the ticks and fleas are at bay, Paul is fine, my appointment was routine, the garage has a roof and walls, the new floors are down and (almost) everything is back in its place.

My cousin's husband Olen brought his crane (boom truck) to set the trusses! This was about two weeks ago. Maybe three. This was about a four-hour job - thanks to Olen it was much easier than it could have been! Mike and Steve have been invaluable in their help with all the garage work.

New flooring in living room. This is what we chose for all the house except the kitchen/den and bathrooms. Love it!

Amy's room. She gave me the look for not putting her leopard rug back down. Leopard pillows will be enough for now.

Den. Mama painted the white pitcher picture over the TV. We turned the den around, too. There is more floor space and the chairs face the fireplace. From my chair I can tell/see if anyone drives up, too.

Garage... Paul has gone to Corinth for the drive through doors. This is 24'X36'. There is another small (walk-through) door in the back.

Japanese maples (black pots with white labels) I got for the back yard. I got three; these two require little or no sun, the other one will go in the front yard where it gets the needed six hours of sun. The purplish shrubs in the lower left are lorapetalums - we had two in Wynne and they get really big. There is one other one further right of these two, and they're on a sloping bank. Hopefully, they will spread and cover the steep-ish bank to prevent people from rolling down it.

Steve walking the spine of the roof. Amazing. He's the only one who could stay up there! Not that anyone fell. He just has that ability!

Amy made this of us Easter morning.

I need to go read my book club book At Home in Mitford. It's one of my all-time favorites - I tell people Iuka is my Mitford. I'm sure I'll be asleep within five minutes.

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