Saturday, April 28, 2012


Another trip to the vet yesterday for Tommy. He got another round of antibiotic and an immune system booster - L-Lysine. I know people take this for fever blisters and I have some lip balm. The antibiotic is a form of what I used to give Amy - the "pink" medicine. He has gained a half a pound because of his diet change, which is good. He's not throwing up hairballs every other day, so his food is "feeding" him.This morning when I gave him his meds, he was so strong I couldn't hold him. No telling how big he'll get on this vitamin supplement.

Paul started cleaning out the carport utility shed yesterday - I found old books and of course had to save some of them. But the whole back of my truck is full once more of donations to Goodwill. I found the little radio CD player still in its box. Not sure whose it was. But I'll need it next month for a little social we're planning for 20th Century Club. Never know what treasures you may find.  This is one of my first cameras; I'm sure it would still work. I have rolls of film I need to use before it goes bad. Seems so long ago and so slow now. But the anticipation of waiting for your pictures to be developed...

Aunt Ginny brought me two cuttings of her gardenia, both with roots, yesterday. One had bloomed in the glass; I put them both in a clay pot to give them a start. They'll probably go in the yard near the swing. These are "old timey" petunias which are of strong stock; I set a pot of them under a shrub last year (the winter was mild, too) and these have taken root and bloomed their little hearts out. I have another couple of pots of them I'll let fall where they will in late summer. I gave Bren a starter, too. Bully keeps guard.

Mike, Steve and Paul are working on the garage again this morning and helping Paul move his toolbox from the carport to the garage. It'll be so nice to be able to see the east side of the yard and actually drive up onto the carport, though rain hasn't been a big problem going to and from the vehicles. The carport is a good place to sit - it's like a breezeway.

Mike and Paul went to dirt races last night near Florence; got home around 1:00 this morning. They're both race fans.

Now that I have everything back in place and pretty much in order, papers filed, old ones to be shredded or burned, I can get back to my projects: my little quilt, the sewing machine and typewriter covers, cushion covers, reading, and hopefully soon sitting on the carport watching the rabbits hop around the low garden.

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