Thursday, April 12, 2012


Today the workers began laying the new flooring, beginning in the den. Amy came yesterday to help move the "little stuff," as you may be well aware there is a lot. There are three men in the den now pulling up old carpet, padding and tacks. It is amazing what was under the carpet, in the traffic areas especially, and what relatively good condition some of it is in. My brother Steve wants all the old carpet. He has a knack for recycling. The workers will do an area and then begin moving furniture back onto the new tile. 

Amy and I packed books - again - in boxes. It's so good having help - when we moved from Wynne, Paul was still working and I pretty much packed the house up myself. The good thing about the little things is that they didn't have to be wrapped. I can already tell there needs to be another purging of "stuff." How am I ever going to focus on sewing or anything for moving things around. It's really not that bad, but it's very distracting to me.

The kitties are hidden under beds, Oscar is leashed to a chair leg beside me in the "office," which is almost bare of small things. Amy is trying to get TV connected in our bedroom. I think since we disconnected something in the den, it threw everything off. Oscar is whining and I think I'll take him for a walk. More later on progress. Hope these next couple days go very fast! Will be totally worth it, right?

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