Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Bren and I finally had a day out - first real day out since she retired. We went to Corinth to Belks, Lowe's, Walmart (very quick - I only bought a rose plant), farmers' co-op for red ant poison - the very smell of it would kill a skunk. I had to quadruple bag it and we drove home with the windows rolled down! And it had not been opened. Found a wonderful quilt fabric shop mentioned at beginner's quilting class Monday night. So many wonderful bolts of all sorts of fabrics - beautiful ones! Bren and I ate lunch at Pepper's - chicken salad sandwiches. Such a leisurely time, just sitting, talking. Loved the day.

The porch - pretty much finished. I did put some salvia in the big planters for color. Paul did a wonderful job measuring and crafting the cedar wall. It's insulated behind it as well. I've planted nandinas in front of the porch, shared from Charlotte and Edwina, two knock out roses. Aunt Ginny's petunias are at one end where I set the planter last year that they were in. They're very hardy.

Monday night a started a beginners' quilting class at the extension office. There were four there. Interesting meeting new people and learning the "connections!" One lady's husband is the nephew of my  grandmother's first cousin! We're not related at all, but really - we... well, we have that connection. It's that way all over. Here's the fabric I chose. I got it at Walmart, which is fine; but Treasure Chest was across the street and I didn't know it at the time! Maybe if I make another one... I still need a backing piece, which I didn't know when I got this. Our instructor is very sweet, patient and you just feel as if you've known her all your life. But she isn't related. That I know of.

My first two strips toward a small nine-patch quilt. (Colors may vary!) These strips will be cut into lengths. It's how it's done, makes it faster and easier than sewing each piece to the next. Machine vs hand, I think. The fabric with larger flowers will be my focus squares - nine of them.

Paul is working on his garage. It's kind of at a stand-still - he has 27 trusses (pre-built and delivered) to get up on top. He has to have help putting those up. We've talked about the siding - wood or metal - and color... I think metal is a better choice as there are so many quirrels around here. He's probably going to use lighter gray siding and darker gray roof, which should fit in with all the trees around. You can see the back of the house through the door (will be a roll up door).

I kept telling Paul I needed a wagon and I found this in a garden supply catalog - ( The tree in front is a Japanese maple that Gaye Kittrell gave me when we moved. It's thriving well in the front yard!

Saturday we went to Mike and Marsha's for Kiley's (great niece) birthday. She came in all dressed up in her little tulle dress. Her mother Erica said she loves to play dress-up and "style" her hair at her little dresser. She's standing with her dad Andy. My brother Mike is helping grandson Tyler stay on the rolling horsey. I'm sure all grandparents think they invented grandkids - and really, they sort of did - theirs! Both kiddoes so sweet. Tyler is crawling and trying to pull up now.

We haven't heard from the flooring company yet. But that's okay. I know it will be a whirlwind when they schedule it. I sure wish Amy were here to help move all this "little" stuff. But it'll get done and be over and that'll be that.

Yesterday I called our internet provider about the higher speed they are offering and was told "you have to really just start over like it's a new service." Two hundred and fifty dollars for new equipment, etc. Then the monthly fee and equipment rental would actually be less than we're paying now, but the speed would be so much greater, no matter what tier we chose. No "special" offers or waivers, either! Not doing anything right now. Other things are a priority.

Paul took Aunt Ginny way out in the country for more sausage this morning - it's country fresh, just off the porkers' little feet. She had a spell of vertigo yesterday and we checked on her a few times. The last time I went by, she was vacuuming! But I noticed she appeared tired and not as perky as usual. Said she was still tired this morning and probably would go see Dr. K. She and I dug up lilac shoots a week or so ago; I need another one for Bren - but Paul is drafted for that job! She and I worked and pulled, dug and twisted - We finally got three branches pulled up - they grow shallowly from the "mother" bush and are still firmly attached. I suppose we got enough roots to take hold.

Last Monday I took Tommy Cat to the vet for allergies... This past Monday I took him again for antibiotics. He started sneezing again - not dry, either! Upper respiratory infection. I hope Lucy or Oscar don't catch it. He's way under the bed this morning and I haven't been able to coax or chase him out for his morning medicine. Not a good experience and I'm sure he remembers. The assistant at the vet's showed me how to give it, but I'm not as strong and my hands are not as big as his (you have to hold the cat's head back and quickly squirt it in its open mouth you have pried apart.) Elephants aren't the only ones with good memories.

I volunteered to help judge an Easter bonnet contest for children at the library tomorrow and also take two dozen cupcakes. I am either going to make the cupcakes or take a nap. Maybe cupcakes first, then nap, not both at the same time. That always gets me in trouble! I do not leave the kitchen when any of the stove is on. I'm very prone to going out of the room and finding other things to do...

Things happen pretty fast around here even though it is a quiet life... I had to catch up a little. I have so many pictures I don't even know which camera they're on. I've been spending a lot of time outdoors. It was supposed to rain today, but hasn't so far. Summer is already here it seems. After yesterday's outing, I wasn't too "froggy" today as Charlotte says. I'm still in jammies and it's after 1:00. Nice.

(One of three lorapetalums we planted along the slope of the back yard. Will be a pretty hill cover when they spread out. From experience with the ones we had in Wynne, it'll take at least one season for them to really take off. Beautiful shrubs, though.)

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