Thursday, February 23, 2012


As my sister and I would say, "a pleasant day." It was very warm - wind-dried sheets, jonquils, delicate petals, walk with a friend, talk with a sister, visit with a brother and his wife. The wind sounded like a freight train coming as it blew through the pine tops. Paul has almost all the field line trenching scars smoothed over and nearly ready for wildflower seed.

Lucy enjoyed her leisure on the ironing board (earlier this week). Mama Nick's old measuring tape.

The rocker cushions I had covered with the tangerine fabric to match the twin rockers. The plant stand was Teri's. Many years ago I borrowed it from her and somehow it never went home. Someone in Wynne made it for her I think. It was in the Little House when we packed last summer, having not been used for a while.

An old root.

A ring of jonquils in the pines in front of the house; the road beyond.

Paul putting away the tiller. He loves, loves, loves being outdoors. Hopefully soon we'll get the landscaping blocks and stepping stones, shrubs planted, shutters painted.

Japonica. I think. Aunt Ginny told me last year.

Blow, sheets, blow!

These frilly little bonnets are dotted all over the yard, in the woods, lines of them on rights-of-way, edging yards along the roads.

New round stones added to the broken pottery garden.

Another line of jonquils, down in the "Low Garden."

Pines sway, sway, sway...

The forsythia shrub has gotten nipped by frost. Maybe it'll come on out and bloom. Sheets in the background... I took Charlotte some jonquils today.

 "Cathedral Pines" - so pretty along this little road between us and Aunt Ginny.

Wind chime - sunset colors.

Lucy and I napped. She holds my arm. (Well, obviously I didn't nap since I took the picture, but she did.)

Brother Mike's Lady Chicks egg box. He said they're laying about two and a half dozen a week. He and Marsha came for hamburgers tonight and brought us a dozen. Real. Free. Range. EGGS! Free! (We bartered supper for eggs this time...)

Mike's hens out for their evening stroll; line of three of them that I can tell. From his iPhone.

Oscar and Lucy can be friendly when they want to. He gets the jitters if she rubs up to his face too long, though.

I had lunch with my friend Charlotte, we did some things on her computer, walked around the block by our church and past the library, sat in her pretty white rockers on her porch, across from the funeral home, looked at her nandina shrubs. (She has some little shoots she said she'd dig up for me.

Amy said she may be home for the weekend tomorrow night. Text from her a few minutes ago, sounds like she defintely will!

My best friend from high school is working her last Friday tomorrow and since she will be off Monday and Tuesday, I'm wondering if her retirement party will be the next time she goes back to work - Wednesday. The lady who is taking her place (not really possible!) - her job - is already in the office... Bren trained her well, but she herself will be sorely missed. She was in a unique position, there by God's leading - a ministry in itself. She was the purchasing manager but she always looked out for the other employees and the patients. Many of the younger employees called her "Ma." Another era. I am so happy for her. I hope we have many hours and days, weeks, months and years ahead to spend time with each other, just as we talked about in high school! Thank You, Lord, for such a great friend! Congratulations, Brenda!!!

A very pleasant day.

Oh... Monday, Paul and I went to my ortho doctor in Memphis, for my sciatica, only it wasn't sciatica - but bursitis in my hip!! Actually both, but the left side is worse/was worse. It's so much better after the injection. In a couple of weeks I'll go back for the other side. It is fairly common in women who are middle-aged. He said middle-aged. He's a nice doctor.

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