Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Very first of all, we were so sorry to hear of the sudden death of our former across-the-street neighbor in Wynne, Billie Jo Russell, on Sunday. She was the same age as Amy, in her graduating class at Wynne. Paul and I both had calls from friends yesterday about this. She and Sadolph had two children. BJ had pneumonia and evidently another serious health problem - either we were not aware of it or it manifested itself in the virus she had. It is so very difficult to understand why someone this young, a young wife and mother, had to be called away so soon. I am sure she is with her Heavenly Father and He knows and cares about all situations more than we can possibly understand, but it is hard to understand. So there is a step of faith that's difficult to take, but it is a choice to do so. Praying for her mother, step-dad, husband and children...
The work crew was here yesterday to pour the garage/shop floor and Paul is so happy with the results. A well-done job worth waiting for. Now he will have his work cut out for him. Building a 24'X36' garage is going to be his hobby for a long time!

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