Saturday, February 18, 2012


I had Mother Ruth's twin rockers reupholstered a couple of weeks ago - one is in the southwest bedroom ("Sherron's Room") and the other is in the den. Loved the fabric (shown in earlier post) and the chairs turned out so cute. I'm having a set of those removable chair cushions that tie on covered in the same fabric for a little color in another corner of the den. They'll go on the old wood rocker I got before Amy was born. I bought it at Jones Furniture in Forrest City - Polly Jones's son - Eddie I think? It was used then, so I guess it's seen some rockin'. I know I used it. I'm sure these little chairs have seen a lot of rocking as well.

Last weekend my sister-in-law (former, but still good friends) Denise, her daughter-in-law Erica and Erica and Andy's daughter Kiley, came for a visit. Erica and Andy (since having Facebook I've learned he was and is called Steve in school and now - they live in Texas)... anyway, they came to visit. Looking to possibly move to the area with his job. Kiley is so sweet. Last time I saw them (2 years ago?) Erica asked what had happened to the afghan wall hanging (Kincade lighthouse) that hung over her couch. I told her I had it. This time I surprised her with it for Kiley - something of her great grandmother's.

The old store building at Doskie, in the North Crossroads vicinity, Highway 365. Following this highway, we came out north of Burnsville.

Pretty old barn along Highway 365. Love old barns.

Surprised to see this enterprise in Burnsville. I didn't know there was a local casket company. Burnsville is about 7 miles west of us. There was also a repurposed ambulance-style truck in the carport that had the company name on it, for casket delivery. Wonder if they are made to order? Something to ask about... This may just be a retail point of sale.

Playing with Photo Shop Elements earlier in the week, I re-colored the old horse barn door.

Eventually, all the electronic media will be inaccessible or I won't know how to work it... But one thing I did was order a floppy disk drive (3.5") and it works! I have only tried a couple of disks and discovered a whole other era - another decade and part of another... In the past I've tried to open floppy disks on my hard drive when it had a floppy drive and it wouldn't read it. So far, the portable drive which just plugs into the USB port on front of the drive, works! I had huge plans to scan all our pictures, transcribe my journals... Now I am happy to get some prints made, know where my journals actually are (all pretty much in one place now). My handwriting has gotten shaky at times (thumb in certain positions when holding something - cup, pen...); I could see the progression of Mama's getting worse, and Mama Nick's. So thankful for all the cards and letters, recipes I saved; and for the hand-written journals of mine that maybe one day Amy will like to read or scan through.

Monday I'm going to the ortho doctor - the kind doctor who fixed my ankle, helped unfreeze my shoulder, and I think he's helped with my back before, but that's what I'm going for this time. It's better, but could stand some help. I'm not up for an MRI - just don't see the point because a nerve block works no better (for me) than an injection in the muscle. I'd love to walk more now that spring is approaching however stealthily, but making the small loop from mailbox back through the truck path about sets my foot on fire. So we'll see. I really want to stop at Hobby Lobby, too - my "reward" - and have some mats made for "pet portraits" I did; they're in old frames, which I may distress. Frames - distress. Back and feet - not.

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