Saturday, February 04, 2012


I finally gave up and gave in yesterday and went to the doctor for my back. I got an injection (muscle) and it really relieved the nerve pain. It's been a long time since I've had to have one of those, but it sure helped.

Also learned my blood pressure is not as good as I thought. Really thought I had it under control... but it was high again. So "we're" taking the bp med morning and evening - and this is just one dose - when I started out, I halved it because I was so tired taking the whole pill at one time. Now hopefully this will help and I'll "adapt" as we do when we have to take medications. Or try another one... I hate changing meds.

It rains about every other day and this was Rain Day. I slept really good because my back didn't hurt and ache every time I moved, and I thought about sleeping in, but got up and after a couple hours decided to go back to Corinth for the fabric (red/tangerine flowers below) for the twin rockers, and more large buttons for the pillow case ends. Paul drove and Oscar rode and slept in the back seat.

I had one of these pillow covers made from my earlier trip to Sher's, and asked her to send me more fabric from Quilting By the Bay. Just decided to get this done today.

These patterns won't go in the same room. One chair is in the "sea blue" room, which still needs updating in other ways... and one is in the den. I just loved the happiness of the pattern and color and knew this was it. After all it doesn't have to always be this - one chair that's going to be covered has had the same fabric on it for close to 50 years. (I'm saving it, using it for a mat/backing, and put copies of family pictures at holidays on it and framing it. I have pictures of probably three generations sitting in the old orange rocker. This will be an update for sure!) The blue plaid is in our bedroom. There was a time when I felt I had to stay with neutrals because they were easy to change out. But let's have some color now!  "When I am old I shall wear purple..." And have tangerine chairs.

Tommy and Lucy...

My violet's babies. I brought a cutting from an African violet I had at work for years. I may have mentioned before that Violet lived in Carolyn's office because she preferred the light in there... Nevertheless, she has sprouted two tiny baby violets. I've let the girls back at Woodruff know so they can tell the grandmother Violet.


The sunny days coax the jonquils open. There are half a dozen open under trees in the shade. This is one of many coming up in a little plot Mama Nick had in the back yard. They're all over. Can hardly believe it's already been a "season." Being here last winter and spring occasionally, before moving, we saw the seasonal flowers and shrubs. And here they are again.

Sock-it-to-me cake I made last week and took to Tommy and Carol's for family supper. Was glad they all enjoyed it. L. O. Bishop, famous around here for wonderful BBQ  had taken a whole pork shoulder to David and Sandra and they brought that for BBQ sandwiches and plates. Paul and I picked Aunt Ginny up next door and she rode the couple of miles with us to Tommy's.

The "Thank You" note was in this weeks Iuka paper (Tishomingo County News and Vidette, which I still call just the Vidette. That's all it was when we lived here before.) So many kindnesses and remembrances of Mama Nick. She was quiet, dignified and godly - and touched so many lives. Remembering some comments by people at visitation, a bit older than me and Paul, saying good things about her as a teacher so many years ago. One man said he got a paddling from her and got 10 licks! Wow! Wonder what on earth he did to get that! When we moved here I found a whole stack of her old grade books. Real treasures. Sometime I'll sit and look at the names - probably most of the county... Maybe next Rain Day.

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