Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Monday at WMU (or WOM - Women on Mission as Women's Missionary Union is now known), we drew names for a mission outreach for this month. I know God put Frank Elizabeth's name in my hand. I had had her on my mind for a long time. Her son Tommy was one of Paul's classmates and I kept telling him he should go see him and her. Perfect opportunity for both of us. Today we went and took a loaf of bread (bread machine, but homemade nevertheless) and some of Matt's ham he brought Christmas (has been frozen and is delicious; we had some for supper last night). What a wonderful visit! Paul and Tommy caught up on a few years - just a few - so many have passed; I had a chance to visit with Mrs. D and Tommy. Tommy, Brenda, Nena P and I have been Facebooking about old families and family homes - namely the Woodley Home - for several days. I told Tommy that the history of Iuka interests me more than ever, of course, since we've moved back here. With all the graciousness of a 93 year-old Southern lady, Mrs. D told me to be sure to come back. She remembered Paul and I have met her one time, and still the grace and charm, the care for a guest's comfort was upper most in her mind. I hope to go back and visit. She is another treasure, so many of whom are going home to be with the Lord, and we must remember to anchor onto Him, and to keep Southern manners going! I know I enjoyed the visit and was blessed more than I could have thought when I drew her name.

Paul and I had eaten at the brand new McDonald's here for lunch and met two ladies who, of course, knew or were related to people we knew, namely Brenda and her brother John, and one each of my and Paul's classmates. (That's the "point" in one's life - the "class." The Class is the face of our clock, the starting and ending of a whole era that we always come back to.) Mike had tried to call me, went to voice mail, so he called Paul and met us there as we were leaving. He was delivering to me a cake carrier that Amy had asked Morgan to personalize for me. Morgan has a little cottage industry and uses her Cricut to personalize just about anything you need or want. She's also begun sewing. (It is Mo's Creations on Facebook.) What a sweet surprise from Amy - and with instructions for the colors to be maroon and white!

Other Things:

I returned an electric blanket I ordered - it had two 3-prong plugs and our outlets don't have the capacity for all that, not to mention the cords should not be run between the mattresses, but on the floor - where Lucy can find them and sure 'nuf electrocute herself. It did have dual controls and was plush, not fleece, very nice... but just too, too much. UPS picked up the box today. Amazon makes returns so easy! So I still have a $25 gift card/credit from Amy for Christmas... I did find an old e-blanket and the cord/control (not dual) to just warm the bed before getting in. These achey bones delight in being warmed immediately on going to bed! I don't sleep with the blanket on, though. Just toasting the sheets is enough.

Book club is Thursday and we'll be discussing The Crucible by Arthur Miller. I watched the movie and it helped with continuity. I couldn't get into the play - so many characters and I didn't read continously, so I would lose some train of thought or forget someone's role. Our next book is The Hiding Place, Corrie ten Boom, which I've read years and years ago, but which deeply touched me; I think I've read all her books. Also Thursday is my first "real" GFWC-MFWC (20th Century Club) meeting. We will meet in the old drug store building downtown (I remember the soda fountain and tables and chairs!), but there is something else there now - a member called it Cathy's, but not sure what it is - a beauty shop maybe? Friday the club is serving birthday cake to residents of Tishomingo Living Center; I volunteered to make one. If they need a layer cake (or stack cake) I can use my new carrier.

It's been rainy and very foggy here since Saturday - when I drove to town to see the movie at church, I had to creep along The Lane and Harmony Road, also in town. IBC showed (with rights) "Courageous." Mike came and went with me; Marsha got sick at the last minute. We enjoyed it - was very good with a challenge not only to men but to families. I also got to see another cousin - Uncle Spencer's (Slip's) son Wayne.

Sunday we had a women's ministry dessert fellowship at church - tons of non-caloric, terrible things we forced ourselves to eat! I had made brownies and added chopped cherries, so they were a little moist. Charlotte made a gluten-free chocolate cake, which was delicious - baking can be done without wheat flour. She's allergic to wheat. We filled out surveys about our interests, participation, talents, where we'd best serve or want to be used. The younger ladies are organizing this, wanting all ages to get to know one another better.

Lucy is in my lap in a weirdly contrived posture - her neck is turned all the way back over her body, like a duck would sleep. As long as she's in my lap with I'm clicking away, she's happy. And she's warm on my lap.

Since we ate Angus burgers for lunch, I expect supper will be lighter. Mine will anyway. Paul has gone to a MS State alumni meeting at Homestead. Don't know whether he'll eat or not. Oscar has been fed. He knows the words supper and breakfast (as well as many others, some he chooses to ignore; I guess dogs can have selective hearing, too). Anything involving food, he's on it.

Saturday walk, before the fog:

The back yard has hundreds of these...

Bird's nest...

Worn board on old bird house...

The darkening woods...

Some kind of scales or fungus...

Tommy, Paul's brother, came and watched the Alabama/LSU game last night and I actually watched 99% of it. Expecting a tough battle, it was a little let-down, but still glad Alabama won, they being our near neighbor. Mike was happy, too.

Tommy brought me one of Carol's, his wife, CDs she had made. She'd always wanted to do one and finally did - at a studio in Muscle Shoals. I listened to it in "Amy's Room" while Paul and Tommy watched the start of the game. It is incredible! I just lay back on the bed and thanked God for such a sweet voice and His blessings, looking at the pattern in the "pink" room wallpaper and thinking about all this house has seen, all this family has seen, all the years... She has a wonderful voice with so much range and depth. Greg W accompanied her on piano, the only instrument; and on one song by voice. She accompanied herself (voice/mix) on one song - and I know just enough to say harmonized, though that's probably not right, and just shows my ignorance of music. But it was pretty. In fact, I asked for a half a dozen more copies to give to Amy, Sher and some others. Paul and I listened to it in the truck going to and from town today. One of the songs, not a gospel or worship song, was "Danny Boy," and I thought of my cousin Danny. JoAnn said that was "his" song. Danny passed away not long ago and it was especially moving.

So now off to find something... a bowl of cereal probably.

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