Thursday, January 19, 2012


Yesterday was beautiful after days of rain and clouds. Mike called to see if I wanted to go to Selmer to see Morgan and Tyler, so I did. "If we can go to Lowe's when we come back (through Corinth)," I said.

"Must... rest... All this playing, trying to crawl and bouncing just wears me out."

Tyler is growing so fast - he's six months old and trying his best to get on all fours. I can't stand up with him, he's such a chunk. It would be bad for me and him! He's so good-natured and a happy baby. Mike and I stayed about an hour or so.

We drove back through Corinth, stopped at Pet Sense and got Oscar's Greenies. We ate lunch at Sweet Peppers. Warm sun on our table, just nice to visit. After lunch, a stop at Lowe's: I got the white light fixture - again. Trying to do something with the ceiling light in the bedroom. Now I'm thinking the larger wattage (the new bulbs) will fit, so the globe may be returned yet again. I also got Paul a rain gage and for me, two cans of a sagey green paint to spray white plastic stackable drawers in "my room." Mike got Marsha some ceramic tiles to use for coasters - glue thin cork on the back to prevent scratching. We got home about 3:30 or 4:00.

I went to Carrington to see Mama Nick, who isn't doing well at all. Hospice nurses have been with her - two whole days and one night, and now checking on her daily. Mama Nick was asleep and I just sat and had memories and prayed. It isn't going to be very long until she does indeed "go to see God." She is so ready; her little body is just worn out. Another treasure...

Yesterday morning I bathed Oscar, cleaned the cat box, did laundry, before Mike called.  This morning I'm still in pj's and while I have things I need to do, I also need to do this.

I found a pretty sewing machine cover I want to make. I really want to spend about half a day in Hancock Fabrics and JoAnn's - but they're in Tupelo; the nearest Hobby Lobby is in Muscle Shoals. It'll be a bit before I make either trip. Staying close to home... I do have other things I could do. I have combined, organized and labeled all my craft supplies, brushes, paint, etc. and emptied half a dozen plastic shoe boxes; rearranged a book case beside my "circle" chair for a reading corner. Just therapeutic putzing. Seems my interest is just in getting things "staged" rather than doing altered books, etc. I do sew some. But I like to arrange things in my room - a diorama of sorts.

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