Wednesday, January 04, 2012


HaPpY NeW YeAr!!

New Year's Day... Sunday School, church, rest, church again. Short visit to Mama Nick's but she was sleeping so we didn't disturb her. AND, she has a TV in her room! Wonder upon wonders! It isn't hooked to cable, but she has some music DVDs. I think she'll enjoy it. Tommy did this for her; Paul and David tried for years but she just didn't want a TV. I'm so glad he got her to agree - finally! It'll be a lot of company to her.

Monday I made soup for Mike, Marsha, Morgan, Tyler (although he didn't have the soup). Steve and Debbie came; Tommy also, but he had eaten. After everyone else had left, he and Paul watched ballgames. I don't know how they keep up with who plays - it's one right after the other. I went to bed early because I had to get up...

Tuesday... and I drove Aunt Ginny to Memphis for a routine doctor's appointment. It was a beautiful day; she had the first appointment, we didn't have to wait long, the doctor took as much time as she needed (her blood pressure is better than mine!). We ate breakfast at Perkins nearby - Farmer's Omelette. She ate nearly all of hers, more than I ate of mine. This lady amazes me - at 90+ she can outdo me! Then we shopped at Coldwater Creek, stopped at Dillard's off Houston Levee, Barnes and Noble (for my winter Studio magazines), in Corinth for eyelet for another pillowcase - I liked the first one so well. She pumped gas. I tried, but she wouldn't have it - "Close the door so you'll stay warm in there." I really did try... It was cheaper in Burnsville than Corinth or Iuka. We got home around 4:00. I was cold all evening. Chilled. I suppose it was partly from the air in the car, partly just me being me. I put an extra blanket on the bed and went to sleep pretty quick.

Today I didn't do much. Some laundry - but didn't even put it away. I did make the bed. Took a nap in the "green" room - southwest corner of the house - warm and sunny.

Lately I've been close-up pictures of little things: wooden spools, old sewing notions; light - sun and shadows. My camera may be showing signs of wear - I can't imagine why - but it won't focus every time; I have to turn it off/on so it'll reset itself. Thinking maybe it's time for a digital SLR... Just thinking.

Paul had a routine check-up today for medicine refills and had gained some weight. It just about tizzed him out. I told him okay, don't gain any more, but don't lose what you've gained - I think the extra weight looks good on him. Of course, his labs will tell the tale... Hope all is well so he'll keep that weight on. As almost anyone who meets him knows and the subject of diet ever comes up - he can tell you how many carbs is in a biscuit. The holidays have sort of been free time, and I don't want his blood sugar to be out of control, but still nine little pounds on his tall frame makes a lot of difference. Plus, I think it's just muscle he's built up working outdoors so much.

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