Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Saturday Paul and I left with others on the church bus going to Memphis to see the Singing Christmas Tree, which he had never seen and which I'd last seen 20 years ago. It was a fun trip with 20 people going, one teenage girl with her grandmother, but all the rest of us seniors, including an 88-year young senior! Our bus driver had done commercial bus driving for a living, so he was in good practice and did a great job. He and my Aunt Shirley went to school together until sixth grade and that's along about the time Goobie (grandma), Papa (grandpa), Shirley and Mama moved to Memphis. I think Uncle Charles had already been in the Navy by then. Anyway, Berlon wondered what had happened to little red-haired Shirley and asked if I had any pictures. Of course, I did and Sunday morning I took him some copies of ones that Goobie had gotten from Shirley over the years. I was sorry I didn't have any real recent ones. Berlon said he thought he had some of our family in his pictures, too, and would share with me.

Berlon is not someone we just met either - he and his wife owned and operated the motel across from the house where Paul and his family used to live. His son and Tommy had the exact same birthdays - month, day, year. He had great memories of Daddy Nick and some of the things they used to do together.

We ate at Picadilly's in Germantown before the performance at Bellevue. Excellent performance, music, and the Christmas message. It lasted a little over two hours. We got home between 7 and 8, but worried about Oscar not going outside all day. He was fine though and I didn't find any accidents. We didn't stop for anything to eat on the way home, which was probably good because we were gone at least eleven hours. That's a long time for a little pup to stand with his legs crossed.

I went to Sunday School and church but Paul had a sore throat. When I left church (they were having potluck after service, but I didn't stay since Paul was sick), just as I turned to go by and see Mama Nick, I began to have a migraine - the light aura. I suppose the Christmas lights, stages lights, almost strobe-like, from Saturday night had caught up with me. I went directly home, took medicine, went to bed and slept for three hours. Our adult Cantata was Sunday night, and we missed that as well.

Since the parade night (December 2) I've had sinus problems, too, what with the cold, scents (candle, potpourri), which may have also contributed to the migraine; so Monday after Women on Mission meeting I went to see Dr. Ben. I had no infection, and my teeth weren't sensitive when he pressed on them. This sinus pain happens just about every winter. Teeth sensitive to cold, nose sensitive to cold, skin sensitive to cold.  By yesterday morning, though, I was better from that. But my blood pressure was elevated and Dr. Ben suggested I switch times I take my blood pressure medicine. I did yesterday (took it in the morning) and all day felt so tired, and heart skipping. I've taken my bp several times today and although it was a little high, nothing like it was in the doctor's office. So I've switched back to take it at night. I also got a pneumonia vaccine.

I wasn't sure I'd make it to Red Hat club lunch on Tuesday, but one of the ladies in church dreamed about me Sunday night and wondered if anyone had asked me (Jo had). Paul said I should go on. I did feel better yesterday so I went. I'm so glad I did!  One of the members "won" Elvis at some other event, a door prize I think; so she shared her prize - his talent - with all of the ladies in Red Hat. The man who impersonated Elvis did a great job! Jack (?) Curtis lives in Tupelo (think of that) and he does a professional performance. He also does other country music singers (gave us a sample of Willie Nelson - spot on), and gospel singing. (I got to "sing" with him! ha and... gave him a peck on the cheek - and got one back! He had all us "mature ladies" swooning.There were almost 30 ladies there; lots of fun, laughter, good food. I plan to try to be a regular member. Dues are $5 a year, January to January, so I'm at the right time.

I had no idea I would add one more thing to my growing list of things to do, go to, enjoy. And I do enjoy them - I've met so many great folks - women and men - ran into another classmate at Walmart the other day. Love it, love it - so thankful, so blessed.

Today the DirecTV installer came and installed a cable, split, whatever he does, for a TV in the bedroom. Told Paul we could watch the Tonight Show again, since we don't have to work the next day, and the next.... Just something about a TV in the room. I do love the silence, the quietness of the woods around us, no traffic sounds, just occasional cars, the trucks from the county road department on the other side of the lane, the mail-lady, the school bus, the garbage truck on Tuesdays. All sort of white noise. But just a Boomer thing - TV - background noise, color and movement in the room. Like a stationary pet? Oscar, Lucy and Tommy provide noise, color and movement at times, especially in the mornings when everyone is getting up, at feeding time, and when one wants the already occupied spot in my lap.

Tomorrow I plan to take a ride with Aunt Ginny (!), to go get freshly made country sausage. Someone near Tishomingo makes it when the weather is right and they can "get pigs." She said, "You thought we were going to the boonies when we went to get the cutlery; just wait till you see where we're going tomorrow!"

Then I have a beauty shop appointment.

Then I need to start making my sister's Christmas gift, promised to her for Christmas when I was there in October.

Then... Well, Friday, help serve cake at one of the nursing homes. Saturday, potluck at the home where Mama Nick is...

I have already marked out all next week. I don't plan to do anything except buy groceries and get ready for Christmas dinner. I think brother Steve is planning to come. Mike and his family have extended family this year - a new baby (Morgan and Steven), a new daughter-in-law (Benjamin and Heather), and Marsha's family in Alabama. People going every direction. I'll check with Sandra to see if I can take anything for Christmas Breakfast at her and David's...

And then... maybe I can watch old movies on TV in the bedroom...

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