Friday, December 16, 2011


When I was at sister Sher's last fall, she and I shopped at Quilting by the Bay in Panama City. That's one of our routine stops. (We always, always miss the turn off the highway, see it too late, and come back around the block to it... Just by now another of our routines.) She and I found a cute jacket pattern and decided to make (I would make) jackets - so I made hers for Christmas, and she got me a new pair of spring-action Fiskars pinking shears.

Leaving my machine up; moved ironing board and iron in my work room. Next project: cushion covers. Then some prints for two old frames for the bedroom... But I digress...

I finished her jacket today. It's an individual's rendering, not Simplicity or McCall's, and in a nice package, with one sheet of directions. After all, it only had four pieces, including the two sleeves. I'm out of practice. But it's done, done, and done. It will be longer on her - I'm four inches taller than she is. I didn't put cuffs on it (she said if I could) because of the bell-shape of the sleeves. It's one of the "swing" jackets, made of batik. (Probably needs gently dry cleaned if it comes to that. For sure not dried in dryer.) It reminded us of sea shells. After I had it nearly finished I realized some of the pattern is hearts and butterflies, and they are upside down, but it isn't noticeable. Nice thing about batik. I'm mailing it to her tomorrow so she maybe can wear it for her Winter Solstice event. It also reminds me of clouds over the moon.

Our group didn't have birthday cake at the nursing home today; there was a mix-up in the scheduling - new staff. Rescheduled for January.

Tomorrow I plan to make sausage balls for the Carrington House party tomorrow night.  

I'm glad I only have one big thing to think of at a time... What is it next week? Oh, lunch with Bren and Charlotte. And grocery shopping.

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