Friday, December 09, 2011


Early this morning I took Oscar to be groomed; he was very reluctant for me to leave him. In fact, he was shivering.  Usually he goes right along with the groomer and is fine afer I leave. I didn't get a call so I'm sure everything is okay. This morning before we left he actually howled - something I've never heard him do before. Come to think of it, it is medicine day... Poor baby. It's usually in the afternoon when I give it to him anyway, so he'll be ready for it. I give it every other day for arthritis in his knee. The way my sinuses are feeling this morning, I'd howl, too, if I thought it would help.

When I got back home there were two trucks in the drive and I called Paul (at the coffee shop) and he said they were there to see about the septic tank, which has bubbled over. I'd been hearing "glubs" in the toilet tank and bowl but had not seen any actual bubbling up, but something was going on. So the two men were there to dig and will pump the tank out. I'm sure it has never been done before and Paul and I used more water than Mama Nick did. After 32 years I'm sure it's plumb full. Aunt Ginny said there is something (not Rid-X, although we do that once a month) you can put in every six month to make it work better. Uncle Wendell took care of theirs and their church's. On December 21 last year we had a new sewer line at the Wynne house; this year looks like Santa will be working in the back yard at the septic tank.

The frost was so heavy, sparkly and pretty this morning as I took O to Animal's Choice, and I had my little camera. Some scenes along the way, ending with our house (white/buff) in the pines at the end of the "lane."

I think this is an old church building; north of the park.

Remodeling, overlooking Mineral Springs Park.

One of the arches at the park; decorated by 20th Century Club members. To the right is the old Youth Center.

Barn on Harmony Road.

Beginning of he lane between Harmony Road and our road. We call it that - The Lane. It's a little over half a mile long and has small hills; a spring goal: walk it.

Old uninhabited house on The Lane. It's the house on the left above, barely visible through the trees, on the "corner."

Pond on The Lane.

Our house at the crossroads, end of The Lane.

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