Monday, December 19, 2011


It's true what they say about going through doors - it causes you to forget. I sometimes go from one room to another wondering why I am wandering around. I do find things to do in each room and usually end up carrying things from one end of the house to the other! For so many years I had to remember so many things at once. Paul wondered what it would feel like to be retired. "Mindless," I told him. It sometimes is pretty much true.

I'm not looking back at what I've written about. So since I wrote I think we've had the Christmas party at Carrington House where Mama Nick is. If so, the memory is still wonderful and I write about it again. There was entertainment by a lady who was singing when we left over 40 years ago (I bet she's tired); dancing by an octogenarian; a great meal with loads of delicious food brought by family members. Mama Nick was up and able to eat at the table with us and other friends we've known for years - Harold was married to my cousin Diane who died three years ago this month. His sister is Mama Nick's next-door neighbor. Tommy and Carol came. I know Mama Nick was glad we were there; she was so tired sitting up though and soon wanted to be helped back to her room.

Tommy, Carol and family have arrived safely in Hawaii, their "surprise" destination. Carol planned it all; the rest of the family knew they were going somewhere and what sort of clothes to take, but not really sure about where. I think maybe at the end they had it figured out. Tommy texted me this morning and said they must be going there because they were in Denver airport changing planes and at the Honolulu gate to board! They got there around 8:30 p.m. after traveling since 3:00 a.m. this morning. They are younger that we are and have teenagers. I hated to say anything about the jet lag coming back this way, so I didn't.

If things keep happening, our whole back yard will have been dug up. The men came today and trenched over 150 feet for new field line. They had to knock down a few trees to get the trencher in the woods, but it had to be done. It doesn't look bad. Another job for Paul: cutting up small trees and limbs. He said he'd probably need to get Mike to bring his chain saw again, a few were that big.

We took Aunt Ginny light-seeing tonight. One great light show was down a hilly gravel road (about like a roller coaster in the dark) but at the top of the hill - lights synchronized with a radio station where the homeowner told where to turn, how long the show would be, (not sure how they do that)Thousands of lights synchronized with Christmas music and boy did they blink! I couldn't look at the whole show - too strobey for me, but it was neat and the people who did it must have fun putting it together. As Aunt Ginny said, "You had to be going there to get there!" We had directions from Brenda.

Looking toward Christmas weekend, today I started cleaning house and made some more cookies. Tomorrow, lunch with Brenda and maybe a few others from our class. She and I try to have a Christmas lunch every year. How neat to be able to just drive to town this time on "just a weekday." Some years we would squeeze the hour or so in between being at my family's and Paul's.

Of course I miss my Buds in Arkansas. I talked to Becky this evening about old times, old friends, her family, mine, how we don't miss work. Carolyn, Norma and I were in touch by email this week. I know Wesley and his wife are expecting another baby. Ruby's dad passed away and her husband had surgery last week. Had a card from our dispatcher who retired on disability not long after I left. He always called me "Sister." Great encourager. Another Carolyn is getting ready to retire - the cashier I relieved practically the last year I worked. Many more cards from friends in Arkansas, people who retired years before I did, my wonderful lady who helped with housework for years.

Another year. Another year of blessings, surprises, more friends, more relatives, more fun, more peace. I pray it would be so for everyone.

Sitting here, I didn't even go through a real door - I just meandered around here in this writing room. 

Holly from Aunt Ginny's abundant holly bushes.

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