Thursday, December 22, 2011


Pecan pie. Check.
Brownies. Check.
Vacuumed. Check.
Bathed Oscar. Check.

I said, nap.

Nope - never got there, but spent the rainy afternoon channel surfing movie channels on TV. We have it free for three months. From what I've already seen, I would not pay to have it all the time.

I thought I'd clean the old stuff out of the DVR and accidentally deleted every good movie I'd recorded! Including The Lord of the Rings trilogy. And some other things. And now I can barely remember. So I guess I'm not too upset.

Found out some more cousins (Paul's) on his grandmother's side. One of my FB friend's grandfather was his grandmother's brother.

Tomorrow: Grocery shopping. Amy coming home tomorrow night I think. She will have three days off unless one of the other homes calls her. 

So thankful I have time to space out my errands and cooking/baking. (One of my neighbors - same one who brought us the lemon cake - brought us a cinnamon cake today! And she's still working! And I was still in my PJ's. I told her every time she came I was a mess. She looked so festive in her red and green Christmas top and earrings, and there I was in my pink PJ's.

Tomorrow is mine and Paul's 43rd anniversary. We married in the church we attend now. I sit there sometimes and imagine us two starting out from that altar... How can it be such a short time ago?

Merry Christmas, everyone... Have had so many wonderful cards from old friends -seems a little strange that we won't be leaving here to "go home." But we are home. And our Wynne folks will always be "home" in our hearts. We love you all, near and far.

God is good all the time. All the time God is good.

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