Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I decided to get dressed early today since a couple of neighbors have caught me in pjs in the afternoon. In my defense, one lady is still working and the other is our aunt who "ran to town" on an errand and stopped by on her way home. Christmas night I just crashed and slept till mid-morning the next day. That day I did nothing and another good reason is that it rained all day long. Yesterday I took all the Christmas things down, carefully wrapped and packed all the ornaments, threw away the holly; Paul took the tree apart and all is back in the attic now.

Today is my youngest brother's birthday so I made him brownies to take to him this afternoon. Right now I should be - should be... those terrible words - washing sheets. It is sunny and I love sheets hung on the line. But wait... the line is down because they dug the trench under it for our field line. So no frozen fingers... I did wash the sheets. In a prior life I would have had to have that bed made back up, but there is tomorrow. I'm calling myself Scarlett again.

We did have a wonderful Christmas: Christmas Eve (pizza!) at Mike and Marsha's; breakfast at David and Sandra's. (Amy was so sick, though, and barely made it through, but by Christmas night was much better). We had dinner/supper at our house - chicken spaghetti, fresh green beans, corn pudding, desserts. Carol brought a big pot of chili. I was amazed how rested they seemed after their flight home from Hawaii just Christmas Eve! But then they are a good bit younger than we are... and slept fourteen hours.  I have to brag on Oscar. He begged me to let him off the leash and he was good as gold with all the people around. Of course, no one looked at him directly or petted him, and he was happy to just be part of the crowd.  Christmas evening Paul, Amy, Matt and I opened gifts before they went back to Memphis.

My help making a stocking for Amy.

All moving parts ready to go... and sew...

Forty-plus sayings when you mash this paw or that ear.
I know Morgan and Steven will love it. Tyler did!

Amy's "nap mat" from kindergarten that I used for a tree skirt.

Spinach/cheese pastry roll, before baking.

Tyler with Great Uncle Paul

Grandmommy and Granddaddy (brother Mike and sis-in-law Marsha) with Tyler.
Mama's picture behind Marsha.

Lapful of furry friends.

Matt with Marianna and Whitney, Christmas Breakfast, David & Sandra's.

Carol comforts Amy in the big easy chair. Maybe Carol was still a little sleepy...

Our house for afternoon Christmas dinner; Tommy, Paul, Aunt Ginny, Matt.
My old white china I've not used in years; Harmony House.

Christmas evening before Amy and Matt went back to Memphis.

He loved the housecoat Amy gave him. I'm wondering now if he took it off when they left...

Gift card. Paul took this and another he'd had "a couple of years" to Lowe's and bought a small chain saw for brush work.

Oscar was so good. And so tired.

These will go on the tree next year!

Sandra made each family an ornament.

Amy loved her bedside table.
She practically slept with her laptop in her bed, so maybe this will help.

Wonderful time with families. Thank You, Lord, for keeping us all safe and well. Thank You for Your Son Jesus, who makes Christmas what it is; help us keep it as it should be. 

Thanks to everyone for all the cards and family pictures!

Happy New Year, in case I don't show up here again till next year!

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