Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Best lunch today with some classmates! I think we all look pretty good to be 60+. Had a wonderful time, mostly laughing. Left to right: Fredda, the Iuka librarian; she recently married a guy from Paul's class (that's four of us '66-'68 couples I know of). We're in the 20th Century Club together; she's been a member for many years. Brenda R (pink) lives in Birmingham and is here for Christmas visiting family. She and I could talk for hours about our babies Precious, her little poodle, and Oscar.  Brenda W (purple sweater) is like my sister - we've been VBFs for nearly 50 years! If walls could talk! Charlotte (white sweater) said she knew she would learn a lot today! She is Brenda W's husband's first cousin, graduated from another high school in the county, but is from Iuka and moved back to Iuka a few years ago. We're in Sunday School and go to Bible studies together, and sometimes movies... Somehow she is related to Paul's family on his mother's side. And me, on the far right.

We talked about everything from talking fast, to hearing fast, or not hearing fast, haircuts, retirements, cataracts, junior college classes and teachers, riding the bus to Northeast. The years just dropped away and we were kids again, but with a little more wisdom, a little less self-consciousness, and the ability to laugh at ourselves. Hope we can do this again soon. There are others who might be able to come next time. Facebook is a good way to spread the word about a good party! 

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