Thursday, December 08, 2011



Tomorrow is doggie spa day - he has gotten so shaggy, looks cute though. I don't want a lot cut - just neatened up. Too cold for a short cut. His arthritis medicine is due, as well as flea/tick, and heartworm. Happy Birthday, O!! You know your mommy and daddy love you!

Aunt Ginny and I got our chairs from the upholsterer today. This is mine! I love it! There was quite a lot of fabric left and I covered the old dresser bench. I'll have enough for at least one cushion for this room, too - my "play room." Hers is very pretty, too; a pale shade of rose pink almost the shade as her old one she has had for years and loves. Burnsville's Fabrics and More is a great place to go for upholstery fabric.

Paul went with Aunt Ginny to Florence to get her new glasses today. I went to book club; it was the Christmas party and we got our 2012 book list. I've read three of the books; the first one on the list is "The Crucible," a play by Arthur Miller, which I have not read.  Poisonwood Bible is next September's. Of course, that would be one of the books I finally let go of... But Fredda does such a good job rounding up enough copies in advance for everyone to have a book to read. Lovely Bones is another I've read. Shelby Foote has one in there - April's is September, September. Looks like a well-rounded list. Lots of fun, and a great leader (Betty McKee), too. She loves history and books and makes the characters come to life.

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