Wednesday, December 07, 2011


For once in many a year we have the tree up, lit and shining, early in the month!

Big Bird is leading Christmas carols. Kermit is peaking out; Amy said she had Miss Piggy but I don't recall seeing her in any of the boxes.

Lollipop effect. I almost gave myself a migraine playing with the camera and lights!

It snowed this morning. It has all melted.

Our Tree Topper - we've had "Jazzy Angel" since Amy was a little girl.  Her halo of lights blinks on and off.

Tribute to Willie Wiredhand who helped make it possible for me to decorate the Christmas tree practically without frustration; as well as many other things. 

I knew Lucy would find the tree eventually, but she hasn't bothered the decortions - yet. Mama made the blue and white cat with the curly tail.

Yesterday Paul and I went to Homestead for the Young at Heart Christmas party. Bobbie Counce (standing) sang; she has a beautiful voice and a beautiful story about her family of sisters being reunited several years ago.

Becky Walker (with mic) and Sue Kirby. Becky married Earl (Paul's class); I remember Sue from many years ago before we moved away from Iuka. Something about Sue reminds me of Teri; of course, Teri's mold was broken but still... Fun-loving, petite, blond, friendly. Becky was one of the first people to visit us when we came back home; she brought us a lemon pound cake and invited us to church.

Last night I attended my first 20th Century Club meeting - Christmas Party - at Ruth Ellen's (who is moving! :( ); we had lots of wonderful food, games, visiting, laughter. There are 14 in the club, a service club, one of a federation of women's clubs in Mississippi, if I have that right - GFWC - General Federation of Women's Clubs. Terrie Whitehurst, who was in Sherron's class, is the president. Some have been members over 50 years, and I'm the little newbie. An honor to be asked and "try" to follow in such foot steps of many women I've admired over my life - some of my high school teachers, one of my classmates, another's mother. Very humbling. They're very active - I hope I can keep up. Imagine all "Z" Oaks has done in 50+years... (She loved my cookies!)

I've been working on this several hours today, b/f between here and the kitchen, making cookies for library book club meeting tomorrow. I think we get our new list of books for 2012.

God is good all the time. All the time God is good.

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