Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Last night's community Thanksgiving service was wonderful! The more people I know, the more we go and are involved, the sweeter the fellowship becomes.  Several churches participated in the services and we were especially blessed that Aunt Ginny was there as well as Paul's brother Tommy and his family. David and Sandra weren't able to attend - he had a meeting and couldn't be there. But - my cup surely "runneth over" that we have so many family members and family connections, on "his" side, or "my" side. Cousins, cousins of cousins... 

We just barely got back from Memphis yesterday to get ready to go. My cardio check up was fine. I feel stronger and less "palpitational" than I have in a long time. (Not as many palpitations.) I can walk up the back steps without pulling myself up. ha I can walk up the driveway without being so breathless. I've lost weight, too. 

We had lunch (Sidecae Cafe) with Amy and it was great food, though the service was slow. Paul, Amy and Aunt Ginny ate there last month when Paul took Aunt Ginny to her appointment. But so good seeing Amy, getting my hugs and kisses. She said she and Christie are still looking for a house to rent nearer where they work; Christie also works at Forrest Hill.

This afternoon a crew from the power company arrived to cut some trees that were under power lines and lo and behold one of Paul's classmates was one of the guys. (Their familiar uniforms are like a note from "home" - the same kind WECC guys had at one time, plus the caps, the way they wear their sunglasses on the caps, the hard hats - familiar - just good guys).  If I'd known Eddie was one of them, I would have gone out to speak. But from my office window I just snapped a few pictures of this stage of the garage-building process and didn't recognize him.  So I got Paul and Eddie unbeknownst to them. Eddie reminds me of a couple of the guys I used to work with - Carl and Teddy.

Can you believe it's already mid-afternoon? I think we'll finish the pizza for supper. This morning I finished backing up hundreds of pictures on my "Book" drive, and from my iPhone. I also started cleaning out the iPhone pictures, duplicates, fuzzies. It will get full after a while. I "need" to start back cleaning up this office, sorting through the box of clothes Sher brought me (that I'd given her sometime back - we swap back and forth), and finish emptying those last boxes from the horse shed.

Tomorrow I have to have the first of two fillings. Not big ol' huge ones, but still... It's been a while since I've had to have one, and these are really two replacements. May go to Lowe's to look for replacement light globe for an amber frosted one (fan kit) that just doesn't let much light through, and pick up a few things at Walmart, though that's the stop I most dread because of all the fluorescent lights, the bombardment of hollow noise (scanning beeps, etc.) and hugeness. I'm tempted to get a riding cart, like I did with Sher one night at the grocery store. My sciatica was bad and that's the only way I could go with her! I guess after the first time, the next time won't hurt my feelings so.

And... I was nominated and have been accepted into the GFWC-MFWC Iuka 20th Century Club. It's a volunteer organization and they do civic projects. I went to the 75th year anniversary reception recently and they have gorgeous scrapbooks. Looking back through them at all the familiar names and faces from when I was a young girl - some my high school teachers - thinking - what a legacy - what footsteps to follow. Very honored to be part of this. One of Sher's classmates is the current president.

I made a cairn from Cloverdale roadside rocks, from a recent trip back to the old place. Just saying: Who'da thunk it?

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