Monday, November 14, 2011


I made my wonderful trip to Panama City for two weeks with Sherron and safely back home. I sure miss her.

She and I had one overnight at Driftwood Inn at Mexico Beach. The weather was great the whole time we were there and a day at seaside was perfect. I got some pretty good pictures; she had six 8x10's matted and framed (3 in each of 2 frames she already had). So I guess they were good. She told me to stop "qualifying" everything I say!

We went to see Aunt Margaret once together and twice JoAnn picked me up during the week to have lunch with her and visit.

I went to Sher's art group with her, we went to see a movie ("The Big Year"), she Bonnie and I went for Harvest Supper on the bay (the group of community gardeners, but open to the public), shopped, laughed, cooked; and I sewed for her - this time cushion covers for her outdoor furnitues - four big cushions, plus some bonuses thrown in - a small cushion cover, a clothespin bag and some kitchen towels. We went back to Quilting by the Bay - an annual event - for fabric.

Paul came for the weekend I came home; Sher had early Thanksgiving with Melanie, Kevin and Nate there, as well as Bonnie, her next-door neighbor.

I took my book club book Pillars of the Earth with me to read but didn't get very far in it. At the book club review back home, I made a silent vow to finish it, the review was so good. Then later I saw on one of the TV channels that the miniseries will be on beginning December 4! Sher went to Bonnie's sometime last year to see it because she didn't subscribe to the channel it was on. Now I suppose the distribution is to a wider audience.

I didn't unpack everything for almost two weeks and kept finding goodies I'd forgotten about: this morning it was a handful of coffee beans to put in one of the old dresser drawers (to take the musty smell out). Sher grinds her own coffee about two or three mornings a week, with steamed milk. I controlled myself and didn't buy a small coffee grinder. I have one cup every morning and it's easy to spoon in the grounds.

Paul and Mike went to Starkville Saturday evening - the ballgame (vs Alabama) was at 7 so it was after 1:00 a.m. when they got home. I'm glad Mike can go with him - traveling and football buddy.

So back to routine here and it's good to be home. Just about all the leaves have fallen and the woods are gray columns now. Tomorrow I have a routine check-up with cardio doctor. Paul is going with me. I hope we get back in time for the community Thanksgiving service and fellowship afterward. I'm learning names of people; yesterday I met a young(er) man from Oldham I haven't seen in probably 45 years. Frank is probably younger than Sher.

Amy may come home this weekend. I hope so. It's been a month at least since she was here. Then she's coming for Thanksgiving Day at Aunt Ginny's.

A few more boxes to unpack, more mementos, some I really would rather not put in the attic, but where? I can't put them all out. My Japanese teapot spout got broken (from Colby years ago), but of course I saved the pieces inside the pot thinking one day I'll superglue them together. (How many things did I and Mama and I - once a whole pottery lighthouse - glue back together, that Sher mailed from overseas! :) ) A 3-D puzzle.

Lucy is in my lap; it's almost 4:30; Oscar and I have had a short walk; the school bus has run; the big county road machinery is going back to the shop nearby (note: walk before 4:00!); it's almost time to make some supper.

Goes the day.

Sofa and chair cushion covers I made this year. Pillow covers, last year.

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