Monday, November 21, 2011


Dirt work is finished for the garage/workshop. Now Paul is waiting for the foundation to be poured.

Pushing up stumps and roots.

Huge roots.

Paul will use the big mound of topsoil to fill in low places and mole tunnels...

Ready, leveled and waiting. Good ol' red clay dirt.

One of my projects this past week: dusted the whole house. It took all day and I didn't even get to the office. I couldn't get to the office. (Tonight it is much more straight. I put another steel shelf unit by the old entertainment center. Yes, it's wall-to-wall. Now the organizing and discarding, donating begins. Again. I told Sher I think my hobby is just creating vignettes and arranging things. I always have an excuse for not doing something with all these crafts! Julia Cameron's book How to Avoid Making Art) All the pictures over the sofa are Iuka scenes I had over the "fireplace" (gas insert) in Wynne. The big lamp is one of two of Amy's, and the yellow mums were some I found in a box of Mama's things. Sher gave me the small area rug. Eclectic. Home. Love it.

I moved this old dresser to the bathroom. It was in the office and I really wanted to use it for a sewing table, but I have another place for the machine. The shelving unit took its place in the office. Both bathrooms are narrow, but since we each use one, this suits the space just fine. We're not running over each other.

Thursday we're looking for Amy home for the day to be with everyone at Aunt Ginny's for Thanksgiving. Aunt G has delegated this year, as it should be, and makes it easier on everyone - especially her - she has done everything in the past. As she says, since she's turned 90 she believes she can make certain decisions. My dishes will be creamed and sweet potatoes, LeSeur Peas (for Jenni), and the cranberry sauce. I may make some deviled eggs; they were not even mentioned or thought of in the menu planning, but it's something we always had at Mama's. Also maybe some dates stuffed with peanut butter, rolled in regular sugar. Easy and good. It'll be great having everyone together again; I'm hoping Mama Nick will feel up to the trip of going to Aunt Ginny's.

Mama Nick asked Paul about the house and the work he's having done; I know she misses it. She said she wished she could see it. Maybe she can if she's up to it. I just don't want her to be upset because she can't be here, live here. It was pretty upsetting to her last Christmas when she came, before her last bad stroke. She hasn't walked in some time, but Tommy carried her to his car and gave her a ride around town recently. So sweet; made me think of the little book Love You Forever.  

Next week is lining up to be very busy. Tuesday Aunt G and I are going to Muscle Shoals for her to buy new glasses and "poke around," if we want to.  There is something every day after that I believe. Christmas parties - Sunday School - Young at Heart - 20th Century. December 10 the Y at H is going to Bellevue to the Singing Christmas Tree. That'll be fun - it's been 20 years since I've been and Paul hasn't ever.

Tomorrow I have to get Aunt G's cake plate back to her and maybe make those dates and boil some eggs. I have found that if I start early, it is much better and less stressful.

Finally, a couple of great black/white pictures Paul made in the early 1980's when he was taking a photography class at East Arkansas Community College (and processing the film - yes - film!)

David, Paul's brother; and their dad, Nick, sitting on the carport.

Amy thinking deep little-girl thoughts. I put this on Facebook today and she said she loved the barrette... The spots aren't tears, but where the picture had aged a little and the surface flecked away.
Paul did a great job; and he had beautiful subjects.

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