Monday, November 28, 2011


I told Aunt Ginny earlier that this is the kind of day I longed for when I was working: stay in my jammies till the notion struck me to do otherwise, read, doze, TV noise background.  A day with just enough ice on the truck to excuse myself from any traveling. So soon after Thanksgiving, though, I hope it isn't a forecast of a bad winter.

Saturday I went to see Steve, our youngest brother, and his horses. The cold front was drifting in and the wind was getting a little cooler. We had a good long visit, I showed him old pictures of him and Mike on their shiny red bicycles from around 1970 and promised to make copies of the ones he wanted. Picked up the picture order from before my trip to Sher's, 40 year-old+ negatives. I left him one of the two of them together, or I'd have it here. I've made the copies and may just mail them to him. Since the Oldham Bridge is closed for replacement (a sad day) and the railroad doesn't get in a hurry about such things, this would be much easier than taking the long way around. But even that isn't too bad - around Snowdown Road to Riner's Ridge and then to Oldham. But I want him to have them sooner than I'll be going back...

Steve with Misty (tan), Pete (roan) and Rocky (dog). Steve has really enjoyed feeding, petting and riding (or trying when they aren't spooky!). He takes a lot of time with them and they're good for him.

And then there are these black and white memories, my class of '66 Junior/Senior Banquet - we were Juniors, so this was 1965. Left to right, Sue, Joan, Shirley, DeAnna, Donna, Brenda.

Last night at church, each family placed an ornament on the sanctuary Christmas tree. Simple, sweet, quiet service with music, lighting candles, prayers and being together.  I took a Pray Pottery cross I had. After service I spoke to a classmate Ann Rhodes Bishop whom I'd not seen in several years, probably since a reunion we both attended. Cute as ever. I also saw Sheila Hooker Thorne, a year or two younger than me, with her husband David. He's a Thorne relative, not direct, but something like grandfathers were cousins or such.

Tomorrow is Mama's birthday. She would have been 83. I can just hear her, "How did I get to be this old?" Well, Mama, now I'm asking the same question. I miss you so much. I especially missed you last night at church thinking how good it would have been to be able to go see you before we went home, or to have spent the Sunday afternoon with you. No need to hurry and pack or scurry off to see someone else before we left. You would be very proud of your kids. We are all well, I'd say content, safe, wrapped in that prayer you prayed for us all when you were in the hospital. I'm amazed more each time I think of it, how, so near Heaven's Gate you were, you lifted all your precious family to God, asking for His blessing and care for us. I would say He has answered your prayers.

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Sher said...

So true. I remember the night well. I just wanted for she and I to just get some sleep but she prayed for all the future generations
most of the night. Now I'm thankful she did.